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  1. bobbys12345

    Locked In Heels

    OK here is the follow up to put all of you at ease. Yes i did walk to the car but i waited until it got dark out. I still haven't worked up to going out in public with heels yet and i think my wife prefers it that way. So the total time i was locked in heels was for 7 hrs. yes my feet were sore as well
  2. bobbys12345

    Locked In Heels

    Well you can all say what you want too but thats the way it happened not sure how to upload pics or i would sorry about
  3. bobbys12345

    Locked In Heels

    OK had the wife pull a fast one on me today. She knows about my high heel wearing (only at home) So when i got home from work she said dear why don't you put on your heels for me, so yea i ran to the closet and put them one (5inch) when i got back to the living room she had chains and locks ready for me and she said lets see how long you can wear these heels. I said ok, and she locked me in them. after about 2 hours i asked her where the keys was and she said in her car and if i wanted the keys i could go get them. The problem is the car was about a block down the street which meant i had to go out to get them and i have never done that before. I asked her to go get them and she said no way. so i guess i'll be in them for the next 7 hours until it gets dark.Right now they are starting to hurt my feet because i normally wear only 3 inch heels i'm not used to these high ones. this is the last time i do this.
  4. bobbys12345

    Locking Heels

    Wow got home from work today and had a fantastic surprize. My wife bought me a pair of locking heels. There a 5 inch heel and lock at the ankle. So she asked me to try them on and yes i did, That was 6 hours ago. I asked her when she was going to unlock them so i could take them off and i didn't get an answer. She knows i love wearing heels so i guess it'll be awhile. has anybody else had this happen to them????
  5. bobbys12345

    Heel-Less Platforms Going Mainstream?

    Ok i have to say that i do have a pair of them. I also thought they would be hard to walk on, but thay are not. I have found out that they are not made for walking any lenght of time or distance. I can wear mine for about 2 1/2 to 3 hrs at the most. I must say i'm not a big fan of the 2 1/2 inch platfrom. I think if it was only 1 or 1 1/2 inch that would be plenty.
  6. bobbys12345

    Update On Heelless Heels

    Well after wearing my new heelless shoes, i have decided that they are not for me. The main reason is they are harder to walk in as time goes on. You have to be real careful where you walk, and with the 2 1/2 inch platform there just not easy to walk in. So i think i'll just stick to my 5-6 inch heels that i wear most of the time. now if anyone else has had this problem let me no if i'm doing sometihng that i shouldn't. Or has anyone else had any other problems with these new fashion shoes. I don't think they'll be around to long.
  7. bobbys12345

    My Heelless High Heels

    Well got my heelless high heels they called wedges in the mail yesterday. I tried them on and was surprized that they were not that hard to walk in. They do have a 2 1/2 inch platform and i have found out that if you lean back just a little there is a chance you could fall.Now at first no problem but as time goes on i have noticed that i wouldn't want to walk to far in them.
  8. bobbys12345

    Just Ordered Heel-Less Platform Heels

    I just got a pair of the same ones you ordered. I tried them on and they are different to walk in. I must say they fit good but after about 30 mins my feet started to hurt a little bit. They are not the same as to walking in regular heels good luck
  9. bobbys12345

    Modification of wedges

    Looks great but are they hard to walk in, and r the heel less one stable to walk long distance??????????????????
  10. bobbys12345

    Your heels, and your partner/wife/girlfriend

    Ok now that i got back online which was a story in it self. But i can give you an update of how it went after my wife locked me in heels for 24 hrs. At first i thought it was going to be a piece of cake no problem. Let me tell you it was not, because after the first 5-6 hrs my feet started to hurt and to make it worst my wife wanted to go out to a movie that night and no she would not take them off of me. Her comment to me was well you wanted to see how a women stands in them all day so now you see for your self. So i had to go out in public with 5 inch heels locked on and i have never done that before. It was exciting and scary at the same time. I didn't get but 3-4 looks and it was dark, after we came home i ask to be let out and the answer was sure in the morning. Well the next morning i was let out and let me say it was quite an expierance. I no i'm listed as a female but really i'm not i don't no how to change it so if anyone can help me let me no how to
  11. bobbys12345

    Your heels, and your partner/wife/girlfriend

    Ok got home today from shopping and my wife found out that i like wearing heels. I only have 5" close toed ones. So my wife said go put them on and let her see me in them. When i did she had already had chains set up to go around my ankles, under the sole and back up to my ankles and lock them on to me, very simple but very effective because i can't get them off. I think she had this planned and new for sometime that i liked wearing heels. Now she tells me that i have to wear them for 24 hrs and then she'll let me out. I don't no if i can i've never had them on that long. I'll get everyone updated on how i'm doing i think shes trying to teach me a lesson.
  12. bobbys12345

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Ok i bought some new shoes too but i'm having a problem. I need some help or advise. The ones i bought are just like the ones you see in encollant attachment picture. Here is my problem i can wear and walk a long time in regular 5" heels with no problem. When i wear the platforms which have a 1" plat and a 5 1/2" heel i have a real problem in balance and walking for any lenght of time. Anyone have advise????
  13. bobbys12345

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Went to a store today and finally bought 2 pairs of 2" platforms with 8" heels. WOW had a real hard time walking in them, the balancing was very difficult. going to take me awhile to get used to them. First time I ever tried on plats most of the time I wear 4-6" reg heels.
  14. bobbys12345

    Which Heel Would You Wear?

    Well i like high ones as well but a wedge would work for me too. I can wear 5 inch heels but have a little trouble walking fast in them i have to be aware of every step.
  15. bobbys12345

    walking in heels

    Well its been a couple of weeks since i have heels on. Today i put on my 5 inch pair and found it very hard to walk in them, is this normal or do i have to train myself again?????? does anyone else have this problem ????

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