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  1. I have!! I am about to go out later this morning to a local thrift store that is having a 50% off sale on their shoes! I will get me some nice pumps! I saw a hot pair of red Nine West pumps there a few days ago. Hopefully they are still there. If not, someone lucked out because at $12.99, they were a bargain!! I plan to find at least 4 pair of nice pumps today. Wish me luck! I will post pics!!
  2. I can't find any on ebay in my size (8.5M) so i will have to wait. Hopefully i will find them cheaper than $200!! OMG!!
  3. I love them! I want them! I gotta have them! Tronchetti, made by Casadei ohhh they're sooo red and beautiful!
  4. @histiletto Yes, they would go great with a pair of jeans! I think i could wear a nice black top with them and they would look sexxxxxxxxxxxxxy! @Sleekheels, Thanks for the suggestion. It makes sense! I will go up to a 9 then. I will buy them in 2 weeks, if they have a 9 available. They look so beautiful! Lately i've been buying pumps in hot pink, but these are a very different pink, like an orangish-pink. Very nice color. I will looove wearing these babies!
  5. Look at these! http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00I0NOKIM/ref=dra_a_cs_lb_hn_it_P1250_1000?tag=dradisplay-20&ascsubtag=4a251a2ef9bbf4ccc35f97aba2c9cbda They are quite sexy! $101 for a pair of brand new Kate Spade pumps. They're on my shopping list! My size is 8.5M, and they only have one pair left in that size, so maybe in two weeks, they will have more 8.5M's in. I hope so!
  6. Latest pair i bought were the Rampage Nerieda pump. Fuchsia patent. HOT HOT HOT! http://www.rakuten.com/prod/rampage-women-s-nerieda/246138157.html?sellerid=22949737&sclid=pla_google_ApparelSave&adid=29963&gclid=CjwKEAjwwdOhBRCG0fPrlfO1gGUSJAC1FmHXHezGKwVg2SvqwS7vO5OpkolCxmZXcCPEMKuzAfLelxoCeU7w_wcB The next pair i want is the Ivanka Trump "Janie" pump http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ivanka-Trump-Janie-Pump-Light-Natural-Womens-8-5-M-US-MSRP-125-/161409490461?pt=US_Women_s_Shoes&hash=item2594c15e1d I also want the Sam Edelman "Camdyn" pump http://www.amazon.com/Sam-Edelman-Womens-Camdyn-Black/dp/B008N3GM9E/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1412770874&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=sam+edelman+camdyn i wouldn't mind having the Anne Klein "Wrenn" pump http://www.amazon.com/Anne-Klein-Womens-Wrenn-Pewter/dp/B00AHXRUVC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1412770952&sr=8-1&keywords=anne+klein+wrenn One more. I can't go without the Nine West "Love Fury" pump. http://www.amazon.com/Nine-West-Womens-Lovefury-Leather/dp/B00829D5RQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1412771088&sr=8-1&keywords=nine+west+love+fury+pump All of these pumps are insanely awesome, and aside from the Nerieda pump, they are on my shopping list!!
  7. Heelster, you are right with your assessment on the price of those. Elie Tahari is a hot designer, and those shoes were well over $200 brand new. Yes, it's a steep, but they're so beautiful. The closest pump i can find that's equivalent to her Linden pump is the Wrenn pump by Anne Klein. Both have a cap toe, which is very sexy, IMHO. I have a pair of Gianni Bini pumps that also have a cap toe. I've tried ebay, but couldn't find the Linden pump, but i did find Anne Klein Wrenn pump for pretty cheap. Hopefully i will win the auction on them. There used to be a great site called like.com where you could find a shoe that's similar to another shoe. Wish that site was still up.
  8. I've been to ebay, and have gotten some pumps for $13.00 before, BRAND NEW! They were BCBGirls "Cielo" pump, in hot pink. VERY beautiful shoes that fits my feet like a glove! I have also bought from 6pm, which sells A LOT of great shoes for a lot cheaper than you would find them new. Are there any non-auction site that someone may recommend, where they got their shoes very cheap? My shoe collection is over 100 pair, and with almost four months till the end of the year, i wanna get to 150 pairs. The latest pump that i'm licking my chops over is the Linden pump by Tahari. SOOOOO HOT! check it out! http://www.6pm.com/elie-tahari-linden-black-pewter-black Anyone else love these??
  9. Thanks to all who responded to my post about stretching shoes. I will try some different methods. Perhaps i will be able to get good results from your suggestions.
  10. I have several pairs of pumps in my collection that i simply didn't try on in the store beforehand, because i don't do that. I buy them usually from thrift stores and try them when i get them home. This particular thrift store i usually go to has some beautiful pumps, almost brand new, and they'll put a big price sticker on the shoes, but it will usually be the size, and then the half size. For example, the price sticker will say 7-7.5, or 5-5.5. So, some of the pumps i have are size 8, and i wear an 8.5, which means that sometimes i can't get my foot inside the toe box. I try to stretch them by hand, but it's slow going. Once in a while, i'll get my foot in there by some sort of miracle, where i'm afraid my foot is going to rip the shoe open. I lost a few pair by this unfortunate accident. One pair was a beautiful pair of Steve Madden pumps. Another was made by Charles David. I want to stretch them, and then wear them around the house a while, to get them REALLY loosened up. That's the plan, to get them REALLY loose and worn in a little, so my feet aren't aching an hour later. I assume i would need to invest in a good shoe stretcher, one that has the stretching mechanism for both width and length. Anyone know of a good one, by name? I also hear that you can take a zip-lock bag with some water in it, seal it up, and put it inside the toe box of the shoe, and put it in the freezer, and when the water turns to ice, it helps to stretch the shoes. Is it better to just buy a stretcher? I know that leather stretches easier than PVC. Would it be easier to stretch them by taking them to a shoe repair shop? Please advise.
  11. I want the Ivanka Trump "Pinkish" pump, in ALL of the colors! Her pumps are so nice! I love them!
  12. So i am looking at the various pumps at heels.com last thursday, and i see that have an incredible new program. It's called "Heels at home", and you try before you buy the shoes that YOU want. You just pick out some styles of shoes you love, fill out the form, submit your credit/debit card info, and in a few days, you receive them from FedEx. You have 5 days to decide which ones you want, and can afford. If you don't like the ones you selected, you simply return them in the same carton they arrived in. If you do like them, you keep them past the 5 day period, and your credit/debit card gets charged. They even include a FedEx shipping label, so you can quickly return the ones you don't want just by calling FedEx and telling them that you have a pickup. Anyway, heels.com messed up on my order, and they sent SIX pair! I ordered some VERY HOT pumps from them. They are the Ivanka Trump "Kayden" pump in light pink leather, the Luichiny "Dazey" pump in light blue leather, the Jessica Simpson "Adeni" pump in black patent, the Dolce Vita "Bunny" in hot pink patent, and the Chinese Laundry "Stardust" ankle-strap pump in black patent. They sent the Chinese Laundry pair twice! I haven't decided which ones i want. I can't keep them all right now. Just can't afford to, so i may keep one or two pair, and past 5 days, my debit card gets charged for the price of them. Anyway, it's a great way to find out about a pair of pumps that you want, to find out the comfort level, how they look, etc. All the ones i ordered are insanely beautiful!! Anyway, i hope you all join in on the "heels at home" program, and get those shoes that you love, whether you are a guy or a gal.
  13. I just bought some new pumps last night. I got them at TJ Maxx. They are Bandolino pink patent pumps. VERY nice! The fit is a bit tight, but i'll loosen them up. As I wear them.
  14. I was 19. I was always sorta fascinated with pumps, having sisters who owned them. When i hit 19, i suddenly became a high-heel pump lover. One of my sisters had some yard sale stuff in our carport, in boxes. I found a pretty black pair of pumps in the box. I took them inside to my bedroom. They were smaller than small, so no chance of getting them on my feet. I was still touching them, smelling the leather scent, and loving the almond-toe shape of them. I wanted a pair of my own. Near my school, i kept seeing a corner shoe store. I made a vow to myself that i would go there and buy a pair. So a short time after that, i went by the store and bought a white pair. They were vinyl, made in china, but when i got them home, and put them on, i felt like i was walking on air. It wasn't long before i bought more, and more, and more. I have almost 100 pair of pumps now, and i don't plan on stopping! I want more, more, more!!
  15. That is awesome that a family member such as your daughter is totally comfortable about your high heel fixation. My family and friends wouldn't be as supportive, so i intend to keep my love for pumps private as far as family and friends go.
  16. The other day, i saw some very hot pumps on heels.com that i am going to buy very soon. They are by Ivanka Trump, the Donald's daughter, and the styles they have are very few, but one style stands out in my opinion. It's called "Amoro". It's a classic pump, with a little ornament on the back of the footbox. It's a delightfully pretty pump, and it sells for $119.99 (U.S.) I saw a similiar pump here in Las Vegas, but i don't wanna pay the sales tax, so i will go on to shoes.com. Ivanka is such a hottie, and so are her new shoes! Check them out!
  17. I have never had a pair of sandals, as they aren't "my" women's shoe. My women's shoe are pumps. I own classic, closed toe, and even open toe, pumps. I also own several pair of patent leather pumps that have ankle-straps. They really add to the beauty of the shoe, in my opinion. I do have some thoughts about some sandals though. I saw a beautiful pair of Tahari sandals a few years ago at TJ Maxx. Should have bought them, but i didn't. Maybe someday soon i will buy a pair of sandals.
  18. I buy and wear brand new pumps, as well as purses. I also buy and wear women's boots. I am trying to find a pair of women's capri's in white, as they look absolutely beautiful with a pair of pumps on. I have been going to thrift stores a long time, over 20 years, and have bought many, many purses, pumps, and boots, and friday i will go try to find some capri's. I do not dress in drag, nor will i. The capri's just look hot, especially with a black patent pair of pumps on. Hope i can find both patent pumps AND capri's this weekend. Wish me luck!
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