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  1. Locally I am afraid. Still a closet heel guy. Away from home I wear lower heels (3" or less) only because I still walk funny in anything higher. I need more practice. Its no so much of being noticed "look at that guy in heels" rather than "that guy sucks in wearing heels".
  2. very nice heels. i like seeing the non platform once in awhile.
  3. womens 9.5 but in some styles I am a 10. I prefer stiletto heels and candies are my favorite for jeans (round toe low platform) and Jessica Simpson is my dress or sexy choice. 4 inch heel is modest and most comfortable but I can handle up to 5.5 just as easy. Anything higher without platform gets tricky.
  4. Any stilleto over 4.5" by GUESS. For some reason that brand kills me so I nolonger buy them - even though I think they are so nice looking.
  5. Dahool - those are the sexiest I have seen in a long time. Love them! What is the heel hight? Any style name you can share?
  6. In pic #6 I love how the red heels stand out. Like art work. You have a great collection.
  7. For me it was last summer when I was "spotted". I was taking an evening walk along the shore and it was quiet and you could here my 5in heels making that familiar sound as I walked in my gladiator style sandles. I thought I was alone but a dog walker had followed and as she passed by she said "nice heels". The next day while out with my wife who did we see? You guessed it. She gave me a nice smile and said hi. My wife looked at me and said what was that all about! Of course I didn't tell her.
  8. As with many it was whatever I found in my mom's closet. I have no sisters. My first "real" heel was 4 inch or more that I bought when I was 18. I remember my pulse pounding as I went to the register and the guy said " these for you?" I said yes and he said no returns pal. They were red patent pumps that I wore out!
  9. LegzG - love the avitar. What heels are those? I'd love to get a pair.
  10. you are better than I! Love the polish in pic #3.
  11. update. I have practiced and I am better at it now going 4.5 to 5 inch. I agree you drive a lot slower as I don't have the same feel on the gas. But I have auto transmission. No way could I clutch etc in heels. I think I would need years of practice!
  12. I just bought a pair of Candies Shauna pumps. Says 4 3/4 heel but in my size ten more like 5 inch or more. Great heel and great comfort. Picked them up at kohls on sale. I was going to get them weeks ago but saw a great patent red pair of Guess Briana heels. Should have stayed away as Guess never fits me right but they are always so sexy! Now I have great heels that fit (again). Wonder if I will ever learn to stay with a brand that fits! Slave to good looking heels I guess (no pun intended).
  13. That is not what I meant but in a way you are right. I do enjoy my time with her but I also enjoy my time alone to wear my heels. I don't get that time often at all. You have great insight to pick that out. Makes me think.
  14. I can't. I am just not that good yet. 3" is OK and 4" is difficult. Its just me so if I could I would. I have not tried lately as winter here and I really need to be careful.
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