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  1. you should see the interviews. There are some great zooming moments specificly on his footwear
  2. Amazing!! I see the tail of pages making a count of 2!!! Thanks guys! Oh well, on too the subject. Last friday I just gathered all I needed to force myself into public view with of course the boots you can all see in my last posted pictures. I could choose between flats and heels. And when I placed them before me, you can picture the situation already. Temptation and salvation. I picked that second word because flats are a salvation in some cases. But I found them too boring for me to present myself again with yesterday's outfit so I just took a gamble of go for it. Well, the point is that all my expectations were formed by an uncertaintity within emotions. I just didn't know if it would be a failure of a day, or just one to applaude myself for. But I didn't get much replies except for some one who's childish enough (at work) to mock me once in a while but the guy just doesn't know any better. His behaviour is already unwanted by others, but appearantly I'm the only one laughing about it. However, I went to work last friday and proudly walked on high heels. Some women caught a glimpse of it but as I said in the topic about Kneehigh's adventures, no one really has the nerve to talk to you about it. Strangers are just afraid to start a conversation. Well, the only way to change that is when I take initiative. It might work if the very first thing that I care to say does not necessarily build up my way to cover the subject about footwear, although it does work with women. Somehow it are the women we want to present us too. Since they understand the footwear better than most men, why not make some remarks about their footwear? Well, gladly I found a way of doing that. It would be odd just saying something nice about HER shoes without any asuming reason. It might create confusion and is oftenly noticable in their facial expression. But my excuse was the change of weather. It suddenly turned soooo cold here in Holland that when I spot a lady wearing pumps or anything shoes that uncover a part of bare feet, I can instantly find the one reason to ask her the next: "Isn't it cold when you walk on those shoes outside?" Instead of just hoping for conversation you really want, it is to accept that the obvious answers are always the same: NO, I wear panty-hose. Do'h!! Of course they do! But that isn't my aim. Most of them look down and lift up one of their elegant legs that uncovers the rest of the shoe. It may seem like a fetishfull moment, but the true aim is that they look at my shoes too. Well that is my game here. The same thing goes for nailpolish too. Well that one is far away in history much more accepted than high heels for men. Most compliments are just made when they see the works of profession in nailart. They never talk about your choice of color, and they never ask you more unless they never had a lesson in alternative lifestyle. But the point is that I have worn high heels at work and without problems. I'll just keep mixing styles and to answer some of the people's questions here: I work for a cable company at the Technical Support helpdesk. It's office work so you can guess where I want to go with my fashion... hehehe
  3. From what I gather, or I prefer saying what I can guess is that situations like these can cause an uncomfortable feeling. That also depends on how well your own mood is during the day. But what I did gather from your essay was that you proudly shown your footwear, despite the type of folk that surrounds your stay. I can't quite understand the selection of the girls' opinions and how they'd feel when spotting a rare sight like us. In moments like this, I would dyingly wish they had 'balls' to walk up to us and impulsively start a conversation about our heels. I constantly see it happen. When traveling by train, or just walking on the sidewalks. I get spotted and it are the youngsters (girls most likely) that start whispering to eachother about my footwear. Rather than collecting the nerve to start a chat with me, they just go like "Oh look at that!!". But I have compensating moments too. There are people with guts. One guy just stated out "RESPECT!!" One single word for one pleasant compliment. I just don't know if cultural opinions are ripe for globalization. The only key it needs is the canceling of silence between the people. Trains used to be very noise, if not by the sound of the running engine, the least it would come from the people within. Aside all that, I just know that we can't give up doing what we like most. Coming this far, and entering new ages every season, gives me enough courage to show the world something new. Keep it up, I tell ya!
  4. oo wow, I didn't know replies overload the traffic this quick. Lol. Thanks. I'll try to make more and with different footwear too. I haven't yet tried wearing my boots at work, but I am giving very serious thought of doing so once or twice. I'll log everything I can record
  5. I've got some new pictures. Recently made, I'm sure. I leave the judgment to you guys Of course I like to make more, but that depends on my spare time. I am overrun by work
  6. A while ago I promised you to post my red pumps pics. Well here they are. Sadly without a face, legs only. I'm still struggling with any outfits that might match the shoe style but I think I'll manage if I stick with the goth scene. Perhaps some crimson trousers with a black blouse or a shirt. So I'll keep you posted.
  7. yes, I have displayed it outside. Had to. I didn't have other shoes with me when I visited my mother. Well, the adventures are not really concidered adventures unless going to Amsterdam or a different country. I have had most impressive positive comments from friends who follow an unusual classy style as well as I. I am constantly being encouraged to keep walking on my favorite shoes.
  8. http://www.empyrrian.com/topicdisplay.php?tid=249&page=11#5575 New pictures of me have arrived. Thanks to my mothers ultimate camera that I found somewhere open without any owner, these fine quality pictures were made by it. I never thought I'd succeed in looking like a hipster
  9. Yes well I got these from Silhouette store in Rotterdam, not far from the central station if you choose to walk. Or just visit http://www.silhouette.nl/html/nederlands/index.htm They costed me 50 Euro and bought them with a friend of mine. She loved seeing me walking on them and she doesn't mind a guy in heels. Though her parents do sadly. But I haven't yet tried them on in public. Though the urge keeps pushing me to do so... it is just the cold season of the year that keeps me from doing it. Instead I just walk on high heel boots. Oh I forgot to mention the height. Well they are 11 cm high and I can walk on them better than my 9 cm boots with block heel. This is because of the foot support coming from below, which is extra important to me. Anyway I love all your responds and I keep you people posted. Keep track on me because I will be using this thread for updates.
  10. Okay so I have been away for a while. No problem. It doesn't mean I have given up the fashionable hobby of hh wearing ^^ I have not much time to chat so I display the pictures below now: These are my newest additions EDIT: Forgive the quality of my cellphone's digital pictures.
  11. Tis indeed incredible sight and perspective. I have taken a closer glimpse upon the site of this collection of wonderful boots. Call it a hint of wantonness haha. At least that is what I see to it ^^
  12. Zero

    new boots for me

    Adorable! The prolly walk with a serving victorious feeling, don't they?
  13. I highly agree with that.
  14. Personally I would wear them only if my girfriend has the same pair as well. However, I find these beauties more suitable with a long flexible skirt. I think the ladies adore these shoes more then men would. Still nice to have them in your collection.
  15. To experience full flavour on heels, I blend with certain people who have a touchy way of influence within their daily surroundings. I chat with those who fancy, I discuss with those who argue, and I guide those toward correct perspectives who have questions. The offensive minds are to ignore, as I continue to walk forward onto the path of glamorous movement. I like the sight and sound of my new boots, in which I soon collect sharable photoes of, and I have captured a lot of female fancy during all times I put my public display. Of course the hint of whispering remains unchecked and inconsolable at times, but I never make it worse. I manage to remove the festering pustules on the face of art and fashion, to as you all do too, restore the free minds we had plenty in the 60's, 70's and 80's. As you clearly notice, wide eyes allow us to gain images of returning fashions, such as vintage, and even the Marylin Monroe sway. With that, I combine my aristocratic and dark French appearances into a new image in the hopes to start a new collection. About the Village Voice, do you have a link directing toward an online display, dear Kneehigh? Also, if you desire me to be at disposal of writing articles are other content regarding our taste for footwear, simply send me a homing pidgeon to my email which is zero@empyrrian.com (if not found in my profile that is). I do have to check, by the way, if possibilities serve me an open slot on the Saturday Amsterdam Meeting. Otherwise I have to make a sacrificial selection of what content should fill my day then. Nevertheless, It is good to be back again.
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