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  1. Seriously? I would kill to see that! Plaese share them! THANKS!!
  2. I guess you can never be too rich, too thin or have too high heels? I appreciate everyone's comments. I can only dream of seeing someone wearing these out in public?
  3. You know....sometimes you wish and dream, but your dreams never come true. But sometimes, you just get lucky, and God gives you a gift! I must have done something right in a prior life? I just saw that Pleaser is going to make some new extreme heels that will be available soon! http://www.pleaserusa.com/regular.asp?div=1_PLEASER&dpt=10_PF&ctg=60_9_HEEL&WebFormat=12&PW=150&PH=150&ViewAll=1&ShowPage=1 9 inch heels at a regular store? Holy crap! http://www.pleaserusa.com/regular.asp?div=1_PLEASER&dpt=10_PF&ctg=70_10_HEEL&WebFormat=12&PW=150&PH=150&ViewAll=1&ShowPage=1 http://www.beverlyheels.com/?name=Pleaser-Beyond-002-ClearBlack&product=1030280321 10 inch heels!?!? Double holy crap! I am keeping an eye on when these will be available. And I think I might buy a bunch! Who would have thought the day would come when there would be "uber shoes" at regular stores! Thank you Pleaser from the bottom of my heart! BTW - I don't work for a shoe store or anything like that. I am just someone that loves high heels! I was wondering what others thought?
  4. lucky duck. If it is not any trouble? Where did you get the square toe platforms? thanks
  5. When you go to the mall not to shop, but just to check out all the pretty girls wearing high heels.
  6. I love peep toes too. I especially love when you can see the little seam of the pantyhose across the toes. That is the best.
  7. I am not very up on fashion but I can only hope that heel heights continue to go up. This is an awesome time to be a high heel lover. I can't remember a time when just regular women could wear platforms with 6 inch heels out in public so freely? And I couldn't be happier. Seeing a pretty mom walking through the mall with a pair of black platform pumps just makes me nutty!
  8. I love when I see a girl in the mall wearing some really high heels! I would also respectfully say to all women out there that putting on a pair of heels instantly makes you up from like a 7 to a 9 just like that.
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