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  1. 1234tazzer

    I'm back

    Well after being gone for 8 mo. I'm back and so happy to be here. I'm going to try and do better this time on my threads and be more helpful. My best to all my friends and will be wighting to hear from you.
  2. New Boots Very nice.

  3. As no one has been around for a while. First remember to keep the footies clean, a petacur is good, a foot bath works. Keep them nail groomed and if you like it paint always look good. Always keep a good look out for fungus. Well thats about it. TAKE CARE OF THEM LITTLE PIGGYS.
  4. 1234tazzer

    Androgynous fashion trend and heels?

    Charlie: You said a mouth full. I'm so tired seeing the's kid walking around with there A-- Hanging out and talking smack. I wash that all States would pass a law on them showing there Be-hines. I'm sick of it. I don't care how they dress but I don't need to see the crack in there A--. Any way thats how I feel. And if I'm wrong some one say SO.
  5. 1234tazzer

    The MAN look, with heels

    hhpoots: I know how you feel, I'm in the same boat. But who cares as long as we are happy in heels thats what matters. So what the heck. Lets be happy and hang in there.:-)))
  6. 1234tazzer

    heelguy's adventures

    Great out fit with I was 20 again. But I did realy like the heels and the out fit was awsome. Thank you for the post.
  7. 1234tazzer

    Does This Photo Look Familiar ?

    For sure+ for sure. But with a much higher heels. But they sure look great. :-))
  8. 1234tazzer

    Three Little Words

    Nice Black Mules
  9. 1234tazzer

    While relaxing around the house, do you wear heels?

    I really injoy sitting at the computer with a pair of heels on reading all the threads. I normaly get up in the morning and put on heels to start my day. And most of the time I end up at night reading on net or some book with heels on. Thats my day so far.:-))
  10. 1234tazzer

    New here

    That sounds great can't wight to hear what great things that is going to appen in your life after you and your wife really get to now the wonders of heeling together. I think that your life will be filled with great love. Thank you for your threads.:
  11. 1234tazzer

    Heels at work

    Tigermonster: Man if I had a pair of those heels I think it would make me to go out heeling (ASAP). They are so fine. Thank you for the pic.
  12. 1234tazzer

    Who wears toenail polish (besides me, I mean!)

    Well lets see I would have to say that I have been painting my toes nails for about 12 years now. All kind of colors, but I'm realy in to the reds. I think that the color makes my nails sexie and hot. Painted toe nails are for me. :-))
  13. 1234tazzer

    Elegant outfit & mules

    Eve: Out fits are great as norm. But the mules realy set it all off. As a mule fan I'm sure you understand. :-)))
  14. I just read your last threads about your one day outing. I feel so sorry for you and what your wife did to you. (not fair) If she new your a heeler and has known this for some time, what in the wourld is she doing. All I can say is hang in there and remember you have friends out here to back you up. All my best to you.

  15. 1234tazzer

    Hello form Vancouver

    Welcome you too. Nice to have another couple join us. When you can tell us about yourself and what you like. Thanks for dropping in. :-)))
  16. 1234tazzer

    Painting patent/PU leather?

    One idea is go on line and check out Tandy Leather. They are a company that only deals with leather goods. Like Dyes and other things for leather. I'm sure if its out there they will have it. Good luck.
  17. Hay Ron. I'm in Las Vegas Nv. Right now, or should I say for the next 2 months. Looks like I'll be moving to Denver CO. But will still be on the air, so keep in touch. :-))

  18. Very good again. Keep up the good pics. thank you

  19. 1234tazzer

    Who would want to work at a High Heel Shoe store?

    You got that right. Looked on the web. but can't find a place to work at. But will keep looking.
  20. 1234tazzer

    Which Heel Would You Wear?

    Yes maybe you should try 3". It might bring you out, and you can move around on the streets eye with out feeling out of place. This is just a thought. Take it as you may, but think about it. You may find out that things can be wonderful out there. And know one even care what you have on your feel. Please let us know if it works, as some of us have tried it and you mite be surprised. Most people don't look down.
  21. As normal outstanding. And great heels, Thanks to your wife. Keep up the great Pics.
  22. Welcome nabor. Like your threads and heels. thank you

  23. 1234tazzer


    Great pics. I realy love the first pair, I want them.:-))) Thank you for them all.
  24. Pics are great. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  25. Your pics are great. It looks like you realy injoy your heels. Thank you for the pics


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