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  1. fonz

    Hi, Thank you Zid. I think the white patent heels would attract a lot of bids. Infact, I would be interested in the 5.5 inch white patent high heels if you are willing to sell them. Ebay always gets you good bids by the way. I've been selling and buying on Ebay for over 3-4 years now. Kind regards, Fonz

  2. Hi, Thanks for the replies. I'll call them tomorrow and see if we can settle things like gentlemen. The only reason why this is a "custom" order, is a detail about the loop (is 'loop' the correct phrase?) for attaching the straps, simply because I want the details to be exacly as I prefer them. To me, a pair of shoes like this is like an art sculpture, and there can be no compromise. The fit by the way is superb (she says). Best regards, Zid
  3. Hi, Recently I purchased a pair of patent white K501A (5" pump with angle straps) from Leatherworks in London. Since I am not that crazy about their default way of designing the loop on the back of the shoe where the straps are attached, I decided to go for a custom order: 9.0 mm wide loop, made of a double folded piece of leather, giving patent texture on both the inside and outside of the loop. Since I already own a pair of shoes with this particular design (also made by Leatherworks), I added several pictures with the order to make sure everything was understood completely. Since the orde
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