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  1. Thanks you two! Thats what I was going for, stylish AND handsome!
  2. hey there! just thought id write and say i like your photos in your gallery. I just wish guys would be secure and proud enough to show their faces. I hope you are trying to actually wear heels and flat for that matter as a daily option to mens shoes and as a fashion statement. Have fun and keep up the great looks. Josh Dilley

  3. This is what I wore today, I had a bunch of running around I needed to do. Im trying to incorporate a little femininity into my daily wardrobe, just a little. I swear those are heels! They are 3 inch mary janes from Target. Super comfy!!!
  4. I actually wouldnt be wearing them, they are to feminine for my taste, but my GF does. I think they look great with jeans, but a friend told me I was a dork. Just wanted someone elses opinion, thank you very much!
  5. I was told that these wouldnt look good with jeans, whats your opinion? http://www.flickr.com/photos/55953489@N03/5278701505/
  6. Hi everybody, Im a newbie here but not out there! I have been wearing womens shoes for years and of a different mind set I think than most. I see them as a fashion option, not so much a fetish. Anyway, when im shopping I just look for them and try them on no different than if I were looking at mens shoes, I mean they are just shoes right? I think they are, yes I get looks, so what. They are just looks.
  7. Hi everyone, My name is Josh Dilley as you can tell from my screen name, I have worn heels and flats for years as part of my regular wardrobe, nothing kinky about it or sexual just as options. I have started a blog about this and what is going on in my mind about things from day to day, its mostly about fashion and my opinions about it, good or bad. I cant wait to meet all of you and have yall join me in wearing heels, low and high as part of regular daily outfits. Have fun and happy heeling!
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