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  1. I love your avatar!

  2. I am in Florida, (travel). My interests are a bit different, so take a glance at my into post if you have a second and let me know if you have any interest?
  3. Yes, I travel to Atlanta often.
  4. I am new to the forum and am excited to be here. My interestes are admitedly different than most of you, so I doubt I will get a lot of love:( That is okay, just glad to be around so many men and women who love heels the way I do. I do not wear heels, but would bet I love them as much as the vast majority on this forum. I have been consumed by the beauty, power, and elegance of high heels my entire life. Yes, I have a high heel fetish and love to pamper those who wear them. My interests range from mild to extreme. An example of mild would be to accompany you on a shoe shopping trip. Sure, I would buy the shoes and carry all the packages for you in the mall, (better keep lifting). Hopefully I could be the ad hock shoe store clerk too? I don't want to offend anybody just yet, so I will leave the more moderate and extreme interests out unless anyone would like to know more about them, (just ask). A quick taste...I do love helping to enhance a meeting/date of a couple of HH loving girls/guys being serving as their shoe shine vallet and/or human foot stool if they so desire. I am also a former college wrestler and dabble in MMA, so I am good to have around if you are out in public and a couple of less sophisticated knuckle heads decide to give you a hard time. I can serve as your shoe purchaser, chauffer, shopping bag carrier, and body guard all wrapped into one package at a very reasonable price, (free plus I buy the shoes:) Take care and all the best, Greg
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