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  1. Plz fix your email ASAP.

  2. roniiheels is planning on swimming from L.A. to Honolulu in ballet heels and matching shoulder length gloves.
  3. bubba136 is a jedi knight and has been working on making a new lightsaber built into his favorite ballet heels
  4. roniheels is one of my favorite patients, he pays for my services with home made chocolate icecream
  5. dr shoe isnt really a podiatrist, he's a chiropractor who has an office of high heel wearing staff, the longer they work for him the higher the heels must be
  6. roniheels and i are opening a lingerie store chain in airports all over the world, our staff will be wearing lingerie and ballet heels
  7. it just recently came to my attention that roniheels was the original makeup artist for the band twisted sister and that after the guys learned how to do their own makeup, the band fired him and he moved on to do the makeup for poison and motley crue
  8. roniheels keeps trying to give me credit for the insoles, i only inspired him to make them. he is actually the one with the patent on them and now he's working on getting a patent for bacon flavored toothpaste
  9. roniheels just got the patent for bacon scented insoles for high heels
  10. i drive my gf crazy... thats more fun than any vehicle...
  11. spikesmike plans on running his next marathon on his hands instead of his feet while wearing a hobble skirt and his ballet heel boots
  12. spikesmike is the worlds first person to run a marathon backwards in 6 inch heels
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