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  1. I don't see it as a sarcastic question at all. I asked the same thing. The answer is I have a pair of synthetic ankle boots from Payless that were less expensive yet much better quality in both material and workmanship. Probably an anomoly. These have very, very thin material on the shaft so the heel support and zipper seem like they would separate fairly easy. There was more than enough room for my foot, however, and I expect I could have even worn a 12W. I guess my focus was on the heel mainly but won't buy this brand again. heelme
  2. To follow up - these arrived when they were supposed to and the calf does fit, but isn't 20 inches. Being pleather, I guess they will stretch but not sure. I expected a fairly well made boot but I am disappointed. These are going back and on goes the quest! heelme
  3. It's frustrating to see great boots hit the market and find they run to a US women's 10 or 11. Payless and Zappos are sites I hit weekly to see what there is in larger sizes. I need a US Women's 12 W minimum, depending on brand. The other day I spent some time searching and found these. http://www.avenue.com/clothing/Star-Platform-Boot.aspx?PfId=183329&DeptId=19963&ProductTypeId=1&PurchaseType=0 I tried 4 shops around me and none of them carried this boot, so I had to order from the web site. Of note for the big-of-foot is that these come in a size US Women's 13W! Not only that, but the calf circumference is 20"! Damn, they just might fit. They should arrive later this week heelme
  4. Congratulations, winny! There is a certain thrill to that very first time and glad you worked up the courage to make it happen. Will this be the first time for a pedicure with your wife? My wife and I give each other pedicures at home. Good stuff. heelme
  5. Wow, two for two! It's one thing to get an off-handed, just-to-be-polite comment, but it sounds like these ladies really were interested and appreciative of your choice of footwear. Those are great looking ankle boots and the heel is just the way I like them. What are they, where'd you get them... we need the details. (of course, I've been away from the forum for a spell, so probably didn't catch yet if you posted already.)
  6. It's all my Mom's fault My earliest recollections of a facination with high heels was Sundays before and after church. I was around 7. In those days people dressed up more for things like church. I remember clicking around the asphalt tile floors of our house in Mom's 5 inch black patent stiletto pumps before and after church. I also recall my older brother's ridicule of me at the time and where such jabs usually provoked a lot of anger from me, when it came to heel wearing, their remarks didn't even bother me. There was a looooong dry spell of wearing heels, but not of appreciating them on others. It was probably in my 20's when I started actively searching out heels that would fit. Many collections came and went. It was at that time I ordered my first pair of boots, a thigh high, 5 inch stiletto heel, full zip, black leather pair from Classic Shoes in Canada, size 13. Those boots I never purged and still have though rarely wear. Shame. In subsequent years since those wonderful pumps of Mom's, I see-sawed back and forth in a struggle to understand my desire of heels. I've since given up asking myself "why" and have learned to just enjoy them.
  7. Interestingly enough, I was asking myself this very question yesterday. Kind of hard to catagorize though. High heels are a fetish and an obsession for me. I would not choose to live without having/wearing them. I'll take advantage of any opportunity to slip into a pair while still keeping the practice secret except for my accepting wife. Sadly, I'm still unable to just damn it all and wear what I want in public.
  8. Allow me to be one of the first to congratulate you. I will never forget my first time. It's still a thrill and I hope that never ends. So, where did you go? What was the shoe/boot? What did you wear with it?
  9. What a fellow ought to wear depends. If you're asking "Would a man wear these shoes out for an evening?" the answer, keeping with the current mindset of society, is no. The outfit you described would probably meet with the same answer. Lines are set by individuals as well as groups so no matter what a person does, they're bound to cross someone's line, right? These statements become moot since the question comes from and is pointed at a different "society". Though we differ in our tastes, we're here for the love of heels and therefore, have a different perspective in which to answer a question like that. Personally, I like the shoe and have been shopping around for a wedge not unlike that one. If anything, you've pressed the proverbial "social" envelope right along and as stated, this new direction aligns with the person you are. I appreciate that you ask the question. It means you care enough to consider your date's opinion. Maybe she needs to see the entire ensemble to appreciate the shoe more. In the end though, you are wearing them for you. Now go cut a rug !
  10. Outstanding outing, tallguyinheels. Thanks for sharing it with us. I'm height enabled as well, but carry more than my fair share of table muscle. I'm right with you, wearing heels under long pants and appreciate the effort you put in to get it right. I'm sure in a way this was a liberating experience for you too. Congratulations.
  11. TBG - Check out craft stores, like Michaels. They stock lots of zipper tabs in a variety of looks and styles.
  12. Thank you for the idea and link. I'll search these products out.
  13. "Good on 'ya", DallasHeels. I appears you appreciate her acceptance, at least to this point. It says something about her and the relationship you two have. It seems she's confident enough with you in heels and I hope that leads to some great shared time together. Congratulations. As for how others have faired. It was not nearly that easy for my wife and I. She was initially threathened by what she thought the heels and other gear meant. Mainly, she figured our marriage was on it's way out. It took quite some time, but now she's much more accepting and even has some fun with it. I sure would have preferred getting to this point the way you did though!
  14. Good question JSpikeheels. It's one that asks for those that wear heels to be brutally honest with themselves. In short, I would be elated to see another man walking by in heels, say at a mall, for the reason you already pointed out, the sharing of something that is rare. However, if I were sitting on a bench at a mall and "I" walked by in heels, I'd be much more critical of the whole look, how I negotiated my gate, everything. I think the reason is I would want perfection for myself. I think it would be enlightening to see myself as another casual observer would see me. Not sure if doing so would make me run screamning or be acceptable to me.
  15. heelme

    Why boots?

    In my meager collection there are pumps and sandals but mostly boots. To me, women wearing high heeled boots is powerful. There is one instance of an older woman I saw in Sears years ago. She wore a white long sleeve blouse with a high neck that you could just see her bra through. The skirt was black and flowing to just above her ankles and high heel boots. What an image. Then there is also the practicle side at least for me. I have a very high arch though I have fairly shapely legs and what I consider nice looking feet. With a high arch, my foot arches out of a low-sided pump and I don't like that look at all. Sandals tend to look better (to me) with my high arch and I really like and open toe look. Boots feel great on my legs and I love all that leather. I don't shave my legs (yet) and have numerous very visible scars on my chins so shoes and showing leg for me would mean either makup and shaving or heavy nylons. I think I split wearing boots and shoes fairly equally, but some of that is my convenience. If I had to chose one, it would be high shafted boots. ilovepumps: Like everyone has been saying, have no regrets. Your legs look fine and the pictures are appreciated. Keep posting them.
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