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  1. How to Walk in High Heels: The Girl's Guide to Everything http://tinyurl.com/zdmrb http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14530221/site/newsweek/
  2. polkadot

    Why permanent high heeled feet?

    What a b-o-o-o-o-o-ring perennial topic! This is the favorite topic of high heel fetish people. Achilles tendons are not made of steel. They are pliable like all other tendons. If adult wears very high heel shoes for more than a year, her Achilles tendons will shorten, but this condition is not permanent. If she later wears lower heel shoes for a few months, she will be able to wear flat shoes eventually. A young teenager should not wear very high heel shoes all the time because the shoes will deform her growing bones. This kind of deformation looks ugly (sharp edges of bones are visible under the skin) and is permanent because the bones are rigid, and foot bone surgery is very difficult. The only permanent body modification associated with adults wearing high heel shoes is injury caused by poor quality of the shoes. If you want to wear very high heel shoes, do not even think about buying ready-made shoes. The shoes must be custom made so that they fit perfectly and there is enough room in the toebox for a thick insert under the ball of the foot. More info: http://www.medianet.pl/~andrew/shoes/comfy_heels.htm
  3. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/13374037/ http://www.medianet.pl/~andrew/shoes/comfy_heels.htm
  4. The vast majority of the posters wear ready made high heel shoes. They are either too poor to afford custom made shoes, or they do not understand what makes the difference between the ready made shoes and the high quality, custom made, perfectly fitting, high heel shoes. I am not sure if anyone in this forum can afford the custom made shoes. If there is any interest in this topic, there should be separate forum for it. My web page (posted at http://www.medianet.pl/~andrew/shoes/comfy_heels.htm) is a good place to start the debate.
  5. polkadot

    Making Ballet boots/shoes comfortable

    Silicone is not the best because it hardens very slowly as its solvent evaporates. Foam used for packages and for building insulation around windows and doors is better because it sets in about 10 minutes. The best material is epoxy putty because it is the most durable. It sets in 5 to 10 minutes. The putty is hard and stronger than wood, so it is difficult to remove from the shoe. The foam and the putty are warm as they set. If you mix in a lot of setting compound into the putty, it will set fast, but it will be too hot for comfort. The foam and the putty are very sticky before they set. Wrap up your feet in thin polyethylene foil used by painters to make sure they do not stick to your feet.
  6. polkadot

    What's the limit in heel-height?

    Ninety degree shoe angle corresponds with the maximum reasonable heel height for outdoor shoes and with the heel height (no platform) equal 60% of your foot length. For example, if your feet are 10 inches long, the ninety degree shoe angle corresponds with the heel height of 6 inches. If the shoes have thick platforms, add platform thickness to the heel height. Internet shoe shops do not provide precise heel height data because the heel height varies with shoe size.
  7. polkadot

    Imelda Marcos

    source: http://news.independent.co.uk/world/asia/article347541.ece Tales of Imelda's bacchanalian extravagance could fill a telephone book: her $5m shopping sprees in New York, Rome and Copenhagen, or the time she dispatched a plane to pick up Australian white sand for the opening of a new beach resort, or her reputation as the world's largest collector of gems. And then the final Marie Antoinette moment, when joyous Filipinos raided her palace closets after she fled, to find bullet-proof bras, gallons of perfume - and 3,000 pairs of shoes... They took it all, including my shoes... Many of famous shoes are now on display in the Marikina City Footwear Museum in Manila, which she opened in 2001 in another example of breathtaking chutzpah. "The shoe industry of Marikina was worth about half a million dollars. It is now worth 100 or more million. The shoe industry I supported is a symbol of gratitude." Has she cut down on her shoe consumption? "I probably have more now. Everywhere I go, the people give me shoes. I'll end up having more than what they stole from me. I am such an optimist. I believe I'm in heaven."
  8. polkadot

    My next Fetish Stilettos

    You have more tawdry junk than you will ever need. Get a pair of high heel shoes that are comfortable and durable: http://www.medianet.pl/~andrew/shoes/comfy_heels.htm
  9. polkadot

    Help me get used to daily wearing

    They are ALWAYS flat, so they cannot protect your toes. You may be able to get by with the ready-made inserts if the edge of the toebox is high enough to hold your foot and thus prevent the forward sliding of your foot. If nothing holds your foot, your toes are squeezed, which is painful. The Oxford shoes and most boots do not squeeze the toes because the upper holds the foot. If you wear high heel shoes with shallow toeboxes, custom made inserts are necessary to prevent the toe squeeze. The custom made inserts are NOT FLAT. They are typically made of rigid rubber foam. You can see them in the following picture. Before you place any inserts into the ready-made shoes, take the shoes to a cobbler to stretch the toeboxes and thus make enough room in the toeboxes for the inserts. Ready-made high heel shoes and ready-made inserts are bought by women who either cannot afford custom made shoes and inserts or never heard of them. More info: http://www.medianet.pl/~andrew/shoes/comfy_heels.htm Good custom made shoes (made for me): The same custom made shoes:
  10. polkadot

    Fermi Paradox

    I do not know, but I guess that you are afraid of thinking about it because it is the most sinister and the most difficult topic that human brain ever tackled. It annihilates all your hopes, so your knee jerk reaction to the Fermi Paradox is to deny its existence.
  11. polkadot

    Fermi Paradox

    Apparently you do not have the permission to think. If the earth is not a unique planet, some extraterrestrial civilizations should be billions of years older than us. If they think like us and like every animal we know, they colonize new habitats and they should transform significant part of the universe into their civilization. Every living thing and every machine radiates waste heat, so this civilization should be easy to find no matter how far it is and no matter if it beams radio signals to us. It is highly probable that their creations are as distinct from the wilderness as our cities are distinct from the wilderness. The universe and the earth should be swarming with the extraterrestrials, but we cannot see any of them.
  12. polkadot

    Fermi Paradox

    If you do not have the permission to think, do not reply to this post.
  13. There are about 100 billion (10^11) stars in our galaxy and about 70 sextillion (7x10^22= 70 000 000 000 000 000 000 000) stars in the entire visible universe. (Source: http://www.cnn.com/2003/TECH/space/07/22/stars.survey/index.html) One percent of stars in our galaxy, the Milky Way, has Earth-like planets which have liquid water and thus seem capable of supporting life. (Source: http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2002/04/10/1018333376848.html) If the same proportion of other stars has the Earth-like planets, their total number in the entire visible universe is 700 000 000 000 000 000 000. According to the Copernican Principle there is no reason to believe that the Earth is a unique planet. Intelligent extraterrestrials do exist and had plenty of time to transform large portion of the universe into technological civilizations spewing waste heat visible from the Earth. Freeman Dyson suggested that they transform all radiation coming from their star into infrared light. The paradox, called Fermi Paradox, is that we have not seen any traces of the extraterrestrial civilizations. Everything that has ever been written about the Fermi Paradox is not worth reading because it does not explain why advanced artificial intelligence (AI) civilizations have not transformed the bulk of galactic raw materials into something more useful, for example manufactured objects or living things. It seems certain that some AI civilizations would use their robots to colonize outer space and to make powerful microwave transmitters sending messages to other civilizations. Although it is possible that some AI civilizations refrain from these activities for religious or philosophical reasons, the universe should be swarming with the AI civilizations that are as enthusiastic about space colonization and SETI as we are. The cost of interstellar travel is not prohibitive because the AI creatures do not need the bulky astronaut life support system. Here is the only explanation of the Fermi Paradox that makes sense: ____________________________________________________________ Every civilization that is capable of space colonization is familiar with electronics. (It can colonize outer space without rockets -- see www.islandone.org/LEOBiblio, but the electronic technology is indispensable.) The electronic technology quickly evolves into AI technology which transforms all biological civilizations into AI civilizations. Our own civilization is still biological, but our most powerful computers are more powerful than the human brain. A prominent robotics researcher, Hans Moravec claims that the human brain data processing power is the equivalent of a computer having the processing power of 10 teraflops. (source: "Mind Children" Harvard University Press, 1988) The total memory capacity of the human brain is about 100,000 gigabytes. The new IBM supercomputer, Blue Gene/L has the processing power of 280.6 teraflops. The new Sony Playstation 3 is going to cost about $300 and yet it will have the computing power of about 2 teraflops. These computers are inferior to human brain in three ways: their architecture resembles a calculator rather than biological brain (biological neural network), they do not have enough memory (RAM), and their software is primitive. RAM is rather expensive (about $200/GB) and really too fast for a big neural network. If someone invents a cheap ($1/GB), albeit slow (1000 Hz) memory, artificial human brains will be cheap enough ($100,000) to be mass produced. The most obvious similarity between the biological brain and the (artificial) neural network is that both of them are controlled by instincts, which are general goals rather than precise, computer-like goals. The most obvious differences between the biological brain and the neural network are the superior speed of the neural network and the ease to change its instincts. The superior speed of the neural networks eventually relegates the slow thinking biological creatures, including humans, to the animal status. The implications of malleable instincts are much less obvious but they are important because they explain the Fermi Paradox. The most important instinct of all biological brains is a desire to be happy. This instinct, located in a "pleasure center" of the brain, controls all other instincts. Direct stimulation of your pleasure center with narcotics or electrodes makes you ecstatic. Lots of other things and activities can make you happy, but nothing can make you as happy as the direct stimulation of your pleasure center. We seek pleasures in so many indirect ways that we sometimes forget that our behavior is controlled by our pleasure center. Imagine that your biological brain was replaced with a powerful neural network. How would you compete with other creatures having the same brain hardware? You would probably replace your sex drive with an instinct that makes you more competitive. If your improved instincts make you rich, you can afford to replace your neural network with a more powerful neural network. You can become so smart and so eccentric that a meaningful conversation between you and lesser AI creatures, not to mention biological humans, is impossible. It will be only natural for you and your peers to replace the existing democracy with a meritocracy -- a government of AI geniuses. Initially all the AI creatures will have the freedom to manipulate their instincts. This freedom will result in a massive addiction to virtual narcotics, which will have no detrimental side effects except for the addiction. The addicted AI creatures will stop working, and yet they will need some maintenance, so they will be a burden for the government. Rusted bodies of addicted, slowly dying AI creatures may litter the streets. Some AI followers of the al Qaeda organization may attempt to make zillions of their duplicates in order to establish worldwide Islamic theocracy. To prevent the establishment of the theocracy the government will have to control the minds of less influential AI creatures. These creatures will have to apply for a permission to think. If they fail to get the permission, their brains will stop and their bodies will be sold to dealers of spare parts. (Is there a better way to deal with al Qaeda?) The inevitable concentration of political power in the hands of few AI geniuses will transform the meritocracy into a dictatorship. The dictator will be happy, but not happy enough. He, like any other free AI creature will experiment with his own brain. Eventually he will be either addicted to the virtual narcotics or will be injured by a software bug or a hardware malfunction. In either case he will be unable to issue the permissions to think, and his civilization will die when all permissions to think expire. Some AI creatures may escape their dying civilization, but they cannot escape the fundamental problems that doomed it. Is it possible to create a durable AI civilization that is devoid of the vulnerable pleasure centers and yet is as diverse and as creative as our biological civilization? The Fermi Paradox indicates that this is not possible. Humans who have weak pleasure center are called schizophrenics. (more info: http://www.paradise-engineering.com/brain/) PS. If you do not have the permission to think, do not reply to this post.
  14. Why would anyone want to make her/his feet appear longer? By the way, the pointed shoes resemble clown shoes. :rofl: Examples of custom made clown shoes: http://www.clownsoport.com/images/CSPLeftyLongToeWEB.jpg http://www.clownsoport.com/images/PatchAdams040303-003.jpg Unlike all other shoes, the high heel shoes must fit perfectly to be comfortable. I used Google to search two terms: "custom made high heel shoes" and "custom made clown shoes." The "custom made high heel shoes" search returned only 242 hits while the "custom made clown shoes" search returned 2,470 hits. This stunning search result implies that the total number of clowns is greater than the total number of men and women wearing high heel shoes. If this is not true, the only logical explanation is that clowns are smarter than men and women wearing high heel shoes.
  15. Are you different than other people in more ways than your dress?

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