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  1. Just thought some of you might like this website - incredible looking shoes, but knocking 2,000 euros to buy a pair. Don't reckon too many people will realistically be thinking about buying them. http://www.conspiracy.it/
  2. I just popped the TV on at lunch time and saw an advert for Compeed blister thingies. (sorry, I'm a bloke, don't know what they're about) This advert showed Caroline Wozniak (ladies tennis star) stepping out of a limousine, supposedly to attend some sort of glam event but instead she goes running around a tennis court in her black dress and 5 inch heels. A bit silly, like most adverts but it looked nice. Unfortunately not on youtube yet. Anyone else seen it?
  3. I have to agree. I can't stand tights. Sandals look SO much better without tights/nylons/stokings. I used to think that gladiator sandals were the worst, most hideous things ever. (the flat ones) That was until I started seeing girls wearing them with tights. Nearly vomited. Just my opinion though. I know there are just as many people who can't do without them.
  4. I think they might be Pleaser Entice 107: http://www.pleaserusa.com/ProductDetail.asp?div=1_PLEASER&dpt=12_MID_S&ctg=&STYLE_CD=ENTICE-107&PROD_CD=ENT107%2FB http://cgi.ebay.com/PLEASER-Entice-107-5-Ankle-Strap-Sandal-SHOE-/250807181564?pt=US_Women_s_Shoes&var=&hash=item80104e13c1
  5. I personally think that brand new high heel shoes are the sexiest thing going. I know a lot of people like well worn shoes but each to their own. Leaving the stickers on suggests that the shoes are brand new, even if they're not. However, the shoes were not designed to show a sticker or label on the bottom so I think I would always prefer to see them removed.
  6. Cheers Roni, I have read a lot of the posts on here and I have found it very interesting hearing all the different opinions on the finer points of high heels and all they entail. I don't agree with all of the opinions mind you but I guess that makes for a healthy community. That's really what made me join after viewing for several months. I have no problem with the policy of keeping certain areas off limits until you have contributed a certain amount to the forum. Makes good sense to me as I know spammers are a real scourge and can ruin a good forum community. I assumed that would be the case but was just checking. I did read over the guidelines that I could find but I couldn't see anything relating to that. Anyway, thanks everyone, for clearing that up and nice to see I wasn't the only one wondering about that. Cheers for now, Itchy
  7. Hello everyone, Obviously I'm new to this forum and I have a newbie question: There are a couple of areas of the website that I can't access, like the gallery and the market place. I can't access the gallery at all and I can only read the market place. Is there a certain amount of time that I must be a member before I get the privileges to use these areas or do I have to make a minimum number of posts first? Or is it something else entirely? Thanks for your help.
  8. Thanks for the welcome folks. To answer maninboots, I don't wear heels myself. I have enough of a problem walking as it is and I'm going to the hospital to hopefully get to the bottom* of that next week. That's another story though. I very much enjoy admiring heels on women, that's for sure. *No pun intended
  9. I have been looking at this forum for a while and finally decided to join yesterday. Signing up yesterday made it all the more interesting when I went in to town last night and saw all the girls going about in the snow and ice (all over the UK for those that don't know) with bare legs and high heel sandals. I figured there would be a lot of people on here interested to see that, especially as there was a post recently about wearing heels in the snow. Anyway, I look forward to discussing the finer points of high heel obsession with some of you and I am interested to see how opinions vary on the "important":wink: issues. Bye for now
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