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  1. Anyone familiar with Ian Charles shoes? I think they are based in the UK. Looking at some 7" high heel oxfords they make.
  2. I was looking at the Fall arrivals on their website and when I went to the local retail store to check them out I found their doors were closed. I checked their online store locator and found they closed the 3 closest stores to me Sad for me since they helped me in my early years of heeling since they were one of a few stores that offered size 11. Another victim of the current economic situation I guess!
  3. Somewhere along the way I read that Michelle Pfeiffer was wearing boots that had a true 5" heel and they were made for her by Leatherworks or TSB. They certainly seem to be that high when you catch a glimpse of them in the movie. Certainly is tough to run in those.
  4. I like the shoes. It gives credit to a difficult occupation that requires years of training.
  5. I have 2 pairs of his boots and also found the sizing to be erratic. The first pair I purchased had the 4" heel in size 9 and I felt they were a tad small. So I decided to try his 5"heel boot and went up a half size to 91/2. I was disappointed to find they were so big. I contacted Miguel and he suggested going down a full size to an 81/2. I did not want to go thru the hassle of trying to return the boots to Mexico. so I can't comment on his recommendation for the 5" heel boot. I really like the quality of his boots and shipping was quick. The return/exchange game gets to be tiresome though. But that is the sacrifice/gamble one has to make when ordering online.
  6. 'Pata" the brown oxfords are incredible. Where did you get them from?
  7. About ten years ago I wandered into one of the major bookstores and came across the 3 volume set Complete Reprint of Exotique. This is a must have research item as it has hundreds of photos of shoes from the 50's. Even more interesting is many of the features dealt with men wearing heels and corsets-quite a leap for the time. The shoes featured have a 'look'that you certainly do not see today. What mystifies me is no one can provide any information as to the manufacturer, country of origin or where they were available for purchase. Exotique even had a catalog available, but none of those have ever surfaced. Multiple searches on Ebay over the years have yet to turn up any surviving shoes of this era. In today's electronic world I am baffled how a unique period in shoe history has just disappeared.
  8. Can a shoe repairer add a zipper to a pull on style boot? I have a few pairs that I can get on using the plastic bag trick and once on are quite comfortable. Having the side zip would make life much easier.
  9. Are the gray heels part of the elite-heels inventory?
  10. Seeing your shoe room is always an adventure. That just makes me wonder where all your amazing boots are stored. Perhaps next week we could see your boot room and once again vote for the featured boot of the week.
  11. Right of chair,second shelf-Black pump with white toe and studs along the side.
  12. I just picked up a pair of shoes from this company at DSW. Nice black leather upper and sole, 5" heel and marked down from $200 to $50. I just can't seem to find any info on this company other than it is Canadian based. Anyone have any info on this company?
  13. Any info or pics you could supply would be much appreciated
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