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  1. I hear you, Chris - some of the aberrations I experienced with my ex lead to a later "just being myself" than would have happened earlier.
  2. Hi, asdf174 - I'm sorry to hear of it. Know that you have friends, here. PM me anytime you like talking in detail.
  3. That certainly helps, as does a tripod. But if you're moving around, a good 3-axis stabilization system is indespensible.
  4. You know, we ought to start visiting one another at work. That might help expand the envelope...
  5. I was 22 and she was, what? 38, when she first appeared in the series? Yet I was attracted to her nevertheless. The key was that she was very motherly to most of the crew. That IS the embodiment of the Oedipus effect. It's not "poor taste." It was simply reality experienced by most young men who watched the series. I'm NOT saying being sexually attracted to one's own mother is right (there are laws against that, both religious and secular, and rightly so). So please, Chris, don't get me wrong. Nevertheless, Beverly Crusher will forever remain an older attraction for young men.
  6. Cool! Hope you made it home ok... The underground and bus system is quite nice in London - much better than most major cities.
  7. By the way, Geo-T, a "fetish" involves something of a sexual nature. Unless you're unable to obtain "relief" without wearing heels, it's not a fetish. Rather, it's merely a personal choice of apparel.
  8. Here's one technique for you U-Tubers which proves very effective: Securely mount your camera to either a mono-pod or a tripod (with the legs closed). This substantially reduces the vertical and tilting shakes. If you want to reduce the panning shakes, consider getting a weighted stabilizing platform (cheap) or a gyroscopically-stabilized platform (expensive, but worth every penny, as it cancels shakes in all attitudes).
  9. Funny you should mention this - I was in O'Hare, waiting for a flight while reading a Clive Cussler novel, really getting into it. I took a break at one point to rest my eyes and noticed a younger girl starring at my heels. It was only then that I noticed I'd been rocking them. Like you said, "just a way of enjoying the feeling of the heels." We never made eye contact, but after I stopped, she quit staring.
  10. I think it's a combination of the red hair and the Oedipus effect...
  11. I do wish I was just one size smaller, as that would triple the number of styles available, and increase by seven times the number of styles that I would actually enjoy wearing. I find very few styles in my size attractive, and most to be of reduced heel height (like tall girls have some stupid aversion to heels, which they do not), tended towards an older crowd (also stupid, as most women with the larger feet are betwen 18 and 30), or just plain stylishly stupid. If manufacturers would to simply produce a random sample of their collections (say, 1/3 of their styles, selected at random), and produce them in the larger sizes, they'd corner the market.
  12. TopGear - she certainly gets my vote, and for once in a great blue moon, I wish the site wasn't so PG-13, as I'd have a lot of fun with the term, "TopGear."
  13. ??? DVT occurs in the legs, not the feet. It's combatted by getting up and walking around at least once every three hours during flight, and medically, by taking one baby aspirin the night before the flight and another the morning of the flight. If anything, heels are an excuse to reduce one's sitting time, as walking in heels is fun! I respectfully disagree, JeffB, for several reasons. First, one does a fair amount of walking in public while flying. Second, that walking is done on fairly smooth flooring or carpeting. Third, it's done in public. Fourth, it's a public which has no interest in you. In fact, although I've got more frequent flyer miles than probably anyone here on this board, I've only run into two people which I've ever known while flying. Thus, it's about as anonymous as you can get, which is a great way those who wish to wear heels in public to do so anonymously. Fifth, given the current state of things, it's also the least likely place one might run into trouble from other people, as airports are well-lit, conservative places full of bright, well-educated passengers and the various areas are heavily patrolled. Sixth, it's a way to stand up for the cause: "I'm a guy who wears heels. So what?" Seventh, most airports sport a few shopping areas and restuarants which can be fun before, between, and after flights. Those are a great opportunity to enjoy wearing heels in public with a near-0% chance of harrassment. In summary, during the last 18 months during which I've travelled more than 110,000 air miles through 14 airports, I've discovered that conservative, tasteful heeling while travelling via the airlines is safe, effective, and fun.
  14. Please let me know when someone finds something in a size that's not too small for 85% of the members of this board...
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