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  1. Yeah, it has been doing that for me, too. Anyone know why?
  2. Go easy on the heels, they have a tendency to break off from the sole -- or at least mine did. Nothing a little Liquid nails won't fix, unless it's a serious break.
  3. Everyone is different. I have really wide feet so a larger size was necessary.
  4. I wear something like a 44 wide. For Pleaser sizing, I got a 15 and they fit a little snugly width-wise but were just right for standing. I'd suggest maybe a 13 or 14 depending on how wide your foot is.
  5. I'll throw my bit in since I have recent experience. I have very wide feet and wear b/w 11 and 12 in us men's shoes. I bought the Devious 15's off of amazon -- cheapest price I've found -- and they're a LITTLE snug but overall the fit is great. I don't like wearing them without socks so I started wearing thin ones but then I ran into the idea of wearing thicker socks but rolling them down so there was more cushion in the toe of the boot and that worked really well.
  6. So I had the aforementioned "heel snap" and have been quite depressed about it. I put the one on and it just doesn't feel the same without the heel. So now I'm in the market, so to speak, for someone who can fabricate me a heel setup but I'd like to be more ambitious, if it's possible, and make it so the heel is also removable for sleeping in. Anyone up for that challenge? I'm already sort of working on ideas, I just lack the materials and the tools to make it happen.
  7. So should I just break off the other one and look for a way to repair them both -- since they heels ARE a tiny bit long that I'd like? I'd like to fashion them the way derf did in his thread but I don't have a welder.
  8. So I was doing a little walking today and got a little bit off balanced then *SNAP* the right heel broke :-(. The tacs and the screws are fine so can it be salvaged or does it require a new heel?
  9. WOOHOO, first steps with a counter to lean on. The balancing isn't all that difficult except for Devious boots having a little too much heel. I think that, instead of cutting the heel with the tools I don't have, I'll try out putting stuff on the front as was mentioned. Any suggestions as to what can be used?
  10. The thing I'm running into the most trouble with is lacing... It's so hard to get the tight.
  11. WOOT! Got them in today. Surprising comfortable just relaxing. Managed to stand in them without much trouble -- first pair of heels so the stiletto is a bit to get used to. The problem isn't until after I sit down when my toes cramp but I think that's just something that'll go away once they get acclimated. They feel a bit flimsy in the toe but that may just be because I'm a bit of a big man. Anyway, off to do my thing :-D
  12. It's only if the heel is too long to make them comfortable in which to stand. There seems to be a tendency for the Pleaser ones to have a heel that's around 1/4" maybe 1/2" too long and causes the wearer to lean forward instead of rest straight.
  13. It's funny because that's exactly the thing that pushed me into buying my first pair -- I have the next 2-4 weeks alone in my house. I got some Ankle boots off of Amazon since they have a good return policy on clothing and I'm not exactly sure of my fit.
  14. So I still don't believe it but I just ordered my first pair of ballet heels, got ankle boots. I will post back on how they fit and such. Now I have to go dig up the thread on shortening the heels for once I have the right fit.
  15. Know of any places with good exchange policies since I don't think anyone around here carries the Devious line?
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