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  1. Is there anywhere I can get a pair in size 13 gravity wedges ? I really want to try pair out.
  2. sweet!!!!!!!!!!!! I love em!!!!
  3. I was wondering if anybody knows where I can shop for a size 13 loafer pump with at least a 4 inch or higher heel? I have scoured the net and seem to have no luck.
  4. You can get them at payless shoes. I got mine off of eBay.
  5. Omg I just bought a pair of Brash red 5 1/4 heel platform and these shoes fit great. I have never had a heel that was over 5 inches high that felt this nice to wear. I love em. I hope to aquire some other colors in the near future. The other really nice thing about these heels is the cost at about 30 dollars a pair.
  6. I also by the way like wear them also. I unfortunately only have 2 pair. They are by pleaser the Scream pump wich is almost impossible to stand in and a pair of asymetrical red and black de orsay pumps with 6 inch heel. I can ear those for a while with out any real pain. I would like find a place wear I can order a better quality heel. My size is 13-14 US anybody know of any?
  7. My Name is redsole1224. I love the the way a good pair of heels transforms a lady from ordinary to really something special in my eyes. My wife dosen't care to wear them all that often. When she does though I consider it a real treat.They just make her look so beautiful and statuesch . I hope I learn something from this community about what are good heels and correct sizing for them. She wears a size 10, but they don't always fit her right. For example I bought her a pair of CL Rolando a few weeks ago size 40 she said they pinch her toes. I did some reading and got some conflicting info on eu
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