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  1. So, we all know that LSB is out of business, and it would appear that Hot Peppers/ Qualifetish has closed as well. This represents a significant loss to the high heel community, as both were some of my favorite companies to produce high quality fetish shoes. So, with that being said, who else is making good ballet boots now? I have several pairs of Hot Peppers ballets in a nice range of sizes thankfully, those being the best I have come across. While I'm well aware that Devious has copied the Hot Peppers design with their boots, the quality certainly leaves much to be desired. Any tho
  2. I have wondered both things lately. Tony (the owner of Hot Peppers) and I used to do a decent bit of business, and he was always the nicest gentleman to deal with, but it would appear that they have closed down now. I too, wonder why the LSB site is stiill up since they've been closed for ages. Patrick
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