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  1. I took the easy option,rather than build a brand new site for my heels collection,ive started to dump the pictures and information for each pair of shoes and boots onto Webshots,i have some 430+ pairs so its gonna take a while to sort and upload them all,ive made a good start tho!,if you'd like a look go have a look: Enjoy
  2. Was just wondering if 'we' the users have the ability to cancel our membership of the forum and delete any messages weve posted? SW-W
  3. Sorry guys & galls....For my 2 peneth...I much prefurr the old style PHP forum layout..theres way too much going on within this forum layout,its just too 'busy',prime example,you can only post 4 images per message "why"??? Its also a lot harder to find you way arround this forum and a lot of the new icons (new posts / popular threads etc) are so misleading you dont know whats going on... Please bring back the old style PHP forum...its sadly missed! SW-W PS:Although this is classed as a whinge...I am glad this forum is here,just HATE the current format!
  4. Is it just me???? (probably!),im finding it very difficult to navigate my way round this new forum! as well as using code to insert images /links etc (there used to be links on the old style format that helped you if you got stuck!) also if you dont know what to type in to create a smiley how do you insert smileys into you message???? Sure this is all dumb ass stuff...but maybe im not the only one finding it fustrating? SW-W
  5. Only place i can think of that might have some clips of what your looking for is here: hope you get lucky with your search! SW-W
  6. Hell im 6'6" tall and built like the side of a house,pretty much everyone figures im some sort of thug or that im gonna mug them by the way they react if i walk towards or behind them because of my size (just wanting to pass them without shoulder barging my way through them!) Me im just a 'gentle giant' but no one seems to see that...Xaph you got it easy trust me! SW-W
  7. As far as Fuss go i have delt with them a couple of times before they had PayPal...Ive found them to be very reliable and friendly...the shoes i ordered were in A1 condition.... SW-W