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  1. Managed a trip to the flagship store in Oxford Circus & the Marble Arch store on Saturday, the staff were as freindly as ever & I bought a couple of rash purchases, the stores themselves looked really cheap with the 20% banners everywhere. I notice as of tonight the website appears to have gone too, this is a real shame to me as I absolutely loved faith shoes, even prefering their shoes to Nine West in the US, their shoes always appeared to be of a high quality, mostly made in Brazil. Personally I'm gutted, not just because another hight street brand has gone, but because of all staff were really nice - never came across a rude or unhelpful salesperson. H
  2. I saw this on youtube yesterday & have a pair of shoes (ok-several pairs ) that I can't wear as they are too narrow so I figure I have nothing to lose by experimenting. One think I noticed about the video is that that both pairs were peep-toes & so the bag can be pulled through from the front, not quite so easy with the closed shoes that I am practicing with. Mine have been in overnight & the water is proper frozen solid now, I am tempted to leave them in there for a couple of days as I think I have a better chance of the leather outer/man-made inner retainining the new stretched shape, what I may do now that the water in the bags has frozen is to re bag the whole shoe in yet another snappy bag expelling as much of the air as possible, hopefully these shoes wont then get covered in a thin layer of ice - they are not in a frost-free type of freezer unfortunately. Over & above the youtube demo I gave these shoes a decent spraying inside & out with a proprietry shoe streching spray before putting them in the freezer. If this whole method works (& I have my doubts) I have a couple of pairs of suede shoes that I'd like to freeze-strech too, would spraying the shoes first with one of those water repelling sprays (scotch guard etc) be the best thing to do? I am really hoping this method of stretching works, as my left foot is probaby a 1/2 size or more bigger than my right - even with a pair of heels that fits perfectly with my right foot I often find that the left one can rub up or just be plain uncomfortable, & yes I have tried stretching sprays on their own & taken footwear to shoe repairers for proper streching in the past. Will report back in a couple of days.. Heelium
  3. Kneehighs, I dont come to this forum too much these days, last time was when you were saying that you wouldn't be around here much either, I am pleased to see that you do still post here. PS, I had a great day last week pounding up & down oxford street in a pair of lowish stiletto boots, & managed to pickup a couple of pairs of shoes from my favourite store, what doesnt show up too well in the photo of the 1st pair is they have a really slender & high stiletto heel, glad I saw them in the shop & tried them on as they look much nicer on the foot. http://www.faith.co.uk/productdetails.aspx?pid=273800&language=en-GB&cid= http://www.faith.co.uk/productdetails.aspx?pid=281400&language=en-GB&cid=
  4. Good for you Mikeheel, those boots are really stylish, they cant have been comfortable though all day could they?, they are soo high. Like Chris, I was wondering where they are from.
  5. Hi Chris & welcome back, I bought those boots in brown in the size 9UK, but found them a little too snug, so they had to go back, I have since purchased a very similar boot to those from Faith & they fit much better, which is wierd because I think that they are just pretty much the ankle boot version of the same thing (with some small minor detailing changes) http://www.faith.co.uk/productdetails.aspx?pid=256277&language=en-GB&cid= Also I have bought these http://www.faith.co.uk/productdetails.aspx?pid=254100&language=en-GB&cid= & they fit perfectly - they are quite expensive though so a bit of an indulgence. PS, did you ever make it to Duo Boots in Bath?
  6. Not sure I'd ever be brave enough to venture out in 5" stiletto's, but just been to the Post Office, then to a garage for 'emergency' chocolate for Mrs Heelium wearing some clumpy 3 1/2" boots (with very noisy heels), not a lot of people about, but no funny glances-just as well as I'm past caring if people dissaprove or not of my choice of footwear. On topic again, I prefer the bootleg jeans look covering the heel anyway, but I'd never consided that heels may be visable from a forwards direction, I'm not sure that women take a big enough stride for this to be really noticeable on them. Heelium
  7. Maybe we should all order a pair or two, even if they cant fulfil the orders maybe they might take the hint and realise that there is a demand for their products in larger sizes. (PS, am I missing something, it wasnt just the 'Bull' range, but all the styles had the same dropdown-showing larger sizes). Heelium
  8. Hi Thighboots, Congrats on your purchase. How did you find IH's sizings?, I ordered a pair of shoes in a euro size 43, having printed off the sizing guide from IH's website. (for reference, this is a foot-shaped guide that you print onto an A4 sheet, once having checked its measurements against a known length, you then draw an outline around your feet to gauge your size). Despite a couple of emails between IH & myself the shoes sadly turned out to be way too small, and I had to let them go on eBay at quite a loss. This is a shame, as I am desperate to order the boots as currently shown in my avatar. On a different matter, as you are from the SE part of the UK then I assume that London for you is quite easy to get to, maybe you could consider a trip to the world heel meet next year, having never been I am definately going to try & make it. http://www.hhplace.org/discuss/real_life_meetings/8296-world_heel_meet_2008_london_sat_feb_16th.html Heelium
  9. I really like the look of those, you are right about the heel, it does look much higher than the 4 1/2 inches quoted. I bet that they would be quite comfy too. Heelium
  10. Was it Belz Premium outlets, up near Universal? If it is, I'm familiar with that one, wife doesnt mind going there as she loves to have a look around the Jarred diamond place. H
  11. whoooa, Millenium Mall = megabucks , nothing for us there I'm afraid-except the Tiffany shop where my wife likes to spend up big style (sadly just daydreaming ), also I found the sales girls in Ninewest at the Millenium Mall most unhelpful when I asked for size 12's H
  12. Hi JimC, We are going to be in the Orlando/Kissimmee area, I did have the Florida Mall shops & Ninewest outlet's in mind. I dont intend to be wearing HH's as it is a family holiday, just purchasing unfortunately. Heelium
  13. Hi, I'm lucky enough to be going to Florida again in November, our previous visits have always been April/May time where summer shoes & sandals are the norm, As Florida never really gets cold do any of the shops even bother to stock winter boots? I'm hoping they do as boots are definately my 'thing' , but I shaln't be too dissapointed as I can always order some from Ninewest & get the hotel to sign for them, failing that my wife & I are having a mini break to New York in January, so hopefully there may be some retail opportunities then. Heelium
  14. Hi Richard, Faith is definately my favourite UK shoe shop-I want your job Heelium
  15. @Micha, Sadly I dont think that many of 'Next' shoes will fit you, Evans (Essence) shoes are typically wide fitting, I wonder if Next's ideas size 9's is a marketing ploy (look at us-we stock size 9's), even their limited range of wide fitting 9's seem impossibly small to me, including their boots. Heelium
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