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  1. Hi BAAL78. Your wife has great legs, and excellent taste in shoes. Glad to see another local on the seen. We are increasing slowly but surely. Hope we can have a heel meeting one day.

  2. Sup man, how u doing?

  3. My wife admires those boots, and she wouldn't let me go to sleep without uploading a picture of her current favorites. http://s7.directupload.net/images/110414/tau8uacz.jpg
  4. Wow!! im loving those white slingbacks, absolutely fantastic, they make my eyes hurt ;0
  5. Love your new pictures, lovely wife, great legs and heels.

  6. Really nice heels mate. Also had the idea of shaving but can only do it in winter, im to fond of shorts, aint no way im going shaved legs in an African summer
  7. Not my usual style, but stunning nonetheless. I prefer the 1st pic
  8. Hi BAAL78,interested to see your comments. Good to see another SA member. Cheers LegzG

  9. Dont know who makes those, but I WANTS those;)
  10. Very nice pics @ stilettoHeel, but i find the heels on your avatar even better
  11. I dont know why i find heels so sexy (read: pointy stilettos and recently mid platform peep-toes) but they turn me on like crazy, throw in some hose and youve got the perfect combo. I love wearing them, and love looking at my wife (or any other woman) with them
  12. Ha ha Jay Jay, my wife saw Micheal Moll on expresso (SABC3) the friday morning before the event ( all the male presenters had heels on) and dared me to wear my stilettos to the mall that very same day. I didnt have the balls, indoors only, fine by me..........
  13. Holy smoke! Great shoes, Awesome legs.........
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