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    Platforms can be a blessing, and a woman's best friend. When I wear mine, I'm actually standing in 6" heels, but because of the platform, my feet think they're standing in 4" heels.
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    My new boots from Shoedazzle. A little different style for a change, still with stiletto heel though.
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    Left work Thursday afternoon to an appointment in the city then to meet Pebblesf for dinner and a drink at Cheesecake Factory. Awesome evening and conversation. Looking forward to it again. Maybe we can get a few others next time!!!!!!
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    Dinner outfit on Saturday night
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    Another go to outfit with fav Steve Madden Dejavu pumps.
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    Took these a couple days ago. Hadn’t worn them in a while.
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    Feeling great!
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    Don’t know quite what to do with my new heels. Good for sitting, laying down, and maybe a little bit of standing, but not so much for walking.
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    A couple more pics of one of my favorite pairs of heels . . .
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    I just got some new Pleaser heels this week. I love them!
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    whipped out the 'ole Frederick's pumps this morning . . .
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    Outfit of the morning, with my new leggings
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    (this morning . . .) now this outfit IS for school drop off . . .(probably my favorite to wear, too)
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    This is what I wore when I drove my son to school this morning.
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    These are stylish boots. Wouldn't mind a pair...
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    one of my favorite pairs of heels with jeans
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    Waiting for a medical test at the hospital. Wore my Sorel Lexie wedges with grey and white socks over Lululemon Speed tight leggings and a Lululemon black 1/4 zip with my new North Face 550 vest. Many looks and a couple of nice comments
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    Last pic. Had a great a meeting in this outfit before heading to dinner with Pebblesf with nothing said. Next time have to get out earlier. Before we knew it it was almost 11pm.!!! Had a great time !
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    Had a couple of looks
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    Traveling from Chicago to Tampa today. Headed to the beach over by Clearwater. Outfit of the day to fly Lululemon black Define jacket Lululemon Black Metal Tech polo Lululemon black and white leggings Guess ankle boots
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    drive time!!
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    closer pic of the new heels
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    A little boot action this morning . . .
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    Love these heels...leggings too...
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    id love to see you walking in those cool platforms in my gallery.
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    Went back to my first leggings I bought and one of the oldest pair of heels I own this morning.
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    Outfit of choice earlier today.
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    Not really matching this morning, but still comfortable . . .
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    This morning’s ensemble
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    My current favourites are these stunning cowgirl boots. These are bramor boots made in Brazil
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    Love to wear high heeled boots
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    My new Highest Heel collection shoes . . .
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    Pleaser boots with jeans and leopard top for this morning.
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    Hi bud love your dedication
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    Just saying hi. Heeled as usual hope your ok
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    My new boots. Pleaser Delight 1056
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    Out Friday after work for dinner drinks and shopping. Nothing but compliments !!! Michael Kohrs dress and boots Blanc Noir jacket Wolford bodysuit
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    This is my winning outfit for the morning
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    Went with the super-leopard look this morning
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    New boots today. Men’s slim jeans this time.
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    Paired the boots with my jeans and a burgundy top this morning
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    my go-to heels this morning
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    No, I haven't fallen off of the face of the earth. I post frequently-ish on Twitter : www.twitter.com/amaninheels and on Instagram : www.instagram.com/amaninheels I'll try to post more frequently soon!
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    Morning school drop-off complete . . .
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    Hi! Hope all's well... long time no speak!
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    Here's another boot closet to adore! I would love a boot closet like this! Definitely something to aspire too...
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    After a pause I'm back to HHplace

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