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    Keep on heeling everybody !
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    Woo hoo!!!! Dear Friends, I just went for a short walk tonight. 2.7km... Checked the time when I finished? It was only 33 minutes!! That's a walking pace of almost 5 km/h, in my favourite 5" heel boots!!! The worst thing was I ran out of time. Could easily have kept walking for another 30 minutes and would've gladly done so. These boots are so much fun to wear! My feet and calf muscles feel good. I feel good! And it's good to be back!!! Cheers
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    These are stylish boots. Wouldn't mind a pair...
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    Ok. I had a hectic weekend. But I did manage to slip out for a stroll on Sunday evening. Anyway, thanks to the benefits of modern technology, I can report comfortablely maintaining a respectable walking pace of 3km/hr... Cheers
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    Hi All, Going to give my favourite boots an overdue polish later today. The leather loses it's lustre slowly and it's hard to notice. It's not until they're polished and you think, "wow!"  Will try to get some before and after shots if the lighting is suitable... Cheers
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    Well, the rain cleared last night, so I drove to one of my favourite secluded spots and set off for a 1 hour walk. Wore my favourite black boots. I know I should dive into my collection and mix it up a bit... But we know how it is... We all have that one special pair! All my boots are special. I wouldn't have bought them otherwise!!! , But there can only be one favourite pair! Anyway, my calves were a little sore, but my feet were fine. So, my high heel fitness continues to improve! I used to marvel at the women on the railway station, wearing their sexy high heel boots, I wondered how they would manage a 10-20 minute walk to and from the railway station every day. (Not all of them got driven to the station by car). Well, now I know it can be done. Now I can walk in my 5" heel boots for an hour without noticeable discomfort. Fun! Fun! Fun!!! I still watch and daydream about walking to the station in my boots, wearing boots all day at work, and then walking home in my boots at the end of the day. For the moment, I'm still dreaming. For the moment I am still discreet. But not forever! The day will come when I stride out confidently in public, wearing my boots! Cheers 
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    "They're not women's boots. They're my boots! I bought them!!" - Eddie Izzard
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    This is what I use to look like,,,,, quite a trip down memory lane!!! I remember every picture I keep wondering how I even walked in heels with those bowed legs!
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    Platforms can be a blessing, and a woman's best friend. When I wear mine, I'm actually standing in 6" heels, but because of the platform, my feet think they're standing in 4" heels.
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    My GF and I out to dinner in Florida with my all time favorite heel Steve Madden Dejavu platform pumps and matching Lululemon leggings. Boy did we get the looks!!!!
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    So let me know what you think of my new STRAIGHT legs after total knee replacement surgeries. It’s been 4 long months but totally worth it! First time in heels but not ready for a day out in the deserted Chicago. All those times in person and here on HHP when I heard “wow are you bow legged!!”
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    I have to work from home due to Corona. Thougt I have to dress up for work.
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    Cold wind today so keeping the legs warm in these thigh high's
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    one of my favorite pairs of heels with jeans
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    My new boots from Shoedazzle. A little different style for a change, still with stiletto heel though.
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    Left work Thursday afternoon to an appointment in the city then to meet Pebblesf for dinner and a drink at Cheesecake Factory. Awesome evening and conversation. Looking forward to it again. Maybe we can get a few others next time!!!!!!
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    Dinner outfit on Saturday night
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    Another go to outfit with fav Steve Madden Dejavu pumps.
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    Took these a couple days ago. Hadn’t worn them in a while.
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    Don’t know quite what to do with my new heels. Good for sitting, laying down, and maybe a little bit of standing, but not so much for walking.
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    A couple more pics of one of my favorite pairs of heels . . .
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    I just got some new Pleaser heels this week. I love them!
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    whipped out the 'ole Frederick's pumps this morning . . .
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    Outfit of the morning, with my new leggings
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    (this morning . . .) now this outfit IS for school drop off . . .(probably my favorite to wear, too)
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    This is what I wore when I drove my son to school this morning.
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    Boot weather! Just got these and love 'em!
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    Here's another boot closet to adore! I would love a boot closet like this! Definitely something to aspire too...
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    The inspirational Eddie Izzard showing how it's done...
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    Grand Final night? Watching the big game from the comfort of the lounge with a glass of red, and...
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    Well friends, I won't improve my high heel fitness by sitting on the lounge watching tele. It's about priorities! So I donned my my fav boots for the second time this week and drove to a favourite secluded spot for a 45 minute walk. And I'm getting better. Towards the end I was really starting to stride with balance and confidence, just like the good ol' days! Need some more calf muscle fitness, but it will come. Forgotten how much fun it is wearing high heels!!! And glad to be rediscovering it!!!
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    After a pause I'm back to HHplace
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    I received a pair of thoose yesterday from Milanoo. Great quality and fits well. Very satisfied.
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    Well I finally learned how to navigate my Ballet Boots successfully enough to wander outside for an hour or so and it was great. I got a lot of looks to and just a few questions. I am going to go to the market tooday and see if i can navigate in them while grocery shopping. Wish me luck ok? Regards
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    Feeling fun and care free . . .
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    Comfy outfit for Sunday shopping!!!
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    New boots today. Men’s slim jeans this time.
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    My new red heels, paired with black leggings.
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    My Pleaser Scream - 01's, they also have an ankle strap that be put on them. I love these, my first extreme heels and looking to get more!
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    Just chilling out in my pleaser domina boots. Might wear them more often.
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    I have worn some in public but not in austin area
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