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  1. tomham: Just applied for a new Passport. I have started making plans for an eleven (11) day trip to Europe. I think Three (3) days will be sent in Munich. Oktoberfest 2023. Would Love to meet with you if such a thing is possible. Let me know what you think-plenty of time between now and then. Mike
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  2. pebblesf: Don: I love hearing that you wear a size 12. I have a pair of boots that may be a perfect fit for you. Hope you like the color of blue. Also, I think it's time to get you out of those short heels. Mike P.S. See yah some time.
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  3. JKrenzer: Thank you for letting me know about PMs being blocked. Had no idea. If you like you can phone me. Love to hear from you. pebblesf already has my number. 614-436-3880.
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  4. When I was 12 in 1973 I always wore 4 inch platform boots! I later got some 6inch ones with a 2 inch platform, I loved just the feeling of walking about at school in them and no-one ever said anything about it! Now I'm 61 and have to hide whilst I wear 6 inch size UK 8 womens shoes in my house alone to get that wonderful old feeling! What happened? It was going the right way back in 73!
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