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    This are my fav Booties at the moment, also for some short bike tours . Pleaser Heels, very comfortable. So , wearable outdoors for a dude in Heels ? Well, I would say YES
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    So here again my ankle booties with 12cm block Heel. Wear those mostly with this kind of jeans outdoors .
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    new grey boots from gianrico mori ebay store
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    Today I want to address the question I get asked a lot about wearing heels as a man. That question is, "Are you gay?" Now I know I am going to be stepping on some toes out there when I answer the question. But I am not gay, not in the slightest. I do not wear my heels for any sexual reason. I wear my heels because I like wearing them. Along with not being gay, I also do not crossdress. I am way to butt ugly to ever think I could pull off looking like a woman. For those of you that do, I commend you for having the confidence to do that. I wear heels for three reasons, they are: They make me feel good I like the way they look on me And they make me feel confident So do not be shy to wear heels in public, own your right to wear heels. Wear them proudly and don't ever let someone tell you that you must be gay cause you are wearing heels, heels do not make you gay, they only make you look good!
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    Oh the perils of wearing heels in public so much that I forget that sometimes I should think before wearing them in certain places. Well if you are like me and wear heels most of the time, you can sometimes space out that wearing the heels in certain places can get you gawked at and can hear the comments about you being "something less than a man for wearing heels." But that is the story here. I was doing some contract work in a town that has a high percentage of Amish, Mennonite and farmers last week. And I decided that one day to wear a pair of my sexy black high heel sandals even though it was not exactly sandal weather. I, of course wore nude nylons with the sandals to help keep my toes a little warm when outside (which consisted of walking between the car and the building). At noon I realized that I had to go to the bank and as luck would have it my bank was just down the street from where I was working. Hopped in my car and drove to the bank and noticed that the bank was kinda busy but didn't really give it a thought. Okay getting out of my car and starting up to the bank entrance, I started to notice that there were a number of Amish guys heading for the door, too. Crap! it was to late to go back to the car and way to late to just stand there and wait for them to go through the door in front of me. So sucking in ever ounce of my courage, I just strode up to the door and went in. Now there was no way that they did now, nor the people inside not notice that I was wearing 4" heels! My heels were making that musical click-click as I walked across the lot and the bank floor. Heads turned to see and they saw me! The Amish women looked away and whispered to each other while the men smirked and laughed amongst themselves. None of them had the guts to say anything to my face (thank goodness!) but I could hear the snide remarks about a guy wearing heels. I, for my part, put on a brave face, stood proudly in my heels and strutted to the teller, did my business and walked proudly back to my car. Was I freaking out on the inside? You bet! But I was damned if I was going to cower and run away. I wear my heels because I love them, not to impress anyone else. So please take this away from my story; don't let people intimidate you for wearing heels and if you find yourself in a situation like I was...just walk proud, walk confidently and do what makes you feel good. Maybe one day men wearing heels will be more accepted. But it takes each one of us that love heels right now to stand up and be proud of our heels, wear them out in public and encourage others to wear heels proudly. Thanks for listening, and as always...keep strutting your heels!
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    Do you ever just on a whim decide that it is time for a road trip? Well I do! And this road trip took me over to Ft. Wayne, Indiana to seek out a certain shoe store. That’s right, time to do some shopping again! If you have read my blog for any length of time you probable read the entry entitled, “Awesome Shoe Day.” Well if you haven’t, let me bring you up to speed. In that entry, I was talking about my visit to a local Shoe Show store near me and how I was happy to find had heels in my size (12’s). And during that visit the sales lady, Dana, was very helpful and offered up that the store in Ft. Wayne would have more shoes in my size, plus a larger selection. Well that is the reason for the road trip! After plugging in the address to the store into my phone, I got out on the road! I am so thankful for GPS on my phone as I had no idea of how to get around in Ft. Wayne! Of course I was wearing one of my fav high heeled boots as it is still winter around here! Took me just about two hours to drive to the store as I had to stop at a Kmart along the way. They always have sales and I needed to look at a few skirts and blouses. Side note here, but I had the sweetest older lady help me to find the items I was looking for. She didn’t bat an eye when I took the skirts and blouses into the fitting rooms to try them on. Arriving at the Shoe Show I could see that it was definitely larger than our local store. There was only one sales woman in the store so I asked her if they carried size 12 women’s shoes. She told me that they have a good selection in size 12 and pointed me in the right direction. And you know what? She was right! Most of the shoes I looked at has size 11 and 12 available. Now I was like a kid in a candy store…which shoe do I try first! After about a half hour or so, I finally figured out what I wanted. I had tried all of the shoes on (no not all the shoes in the store!) and had walked around the store, looking in the mirror to make sure I looked good in them and making sure they fit me well. So gathering up three shoe boxes I went up front to pay for them. I always find the neatest people when I am out in heels. Keri my sales woman was no different. We struck up a conversation while we were at the counter talking about heels, experiences she’s had herself and what she has seen in the store. We must have talked for half an hour and it was so fun. As I was paying her I told her that I would mention her and her store in my blog which she thought was great. So guys and gals if you are ever in Ft. Wayne, Indiana and want to shop for some shoes, stop by the Shoe Show store and ask for Keri, tell her Kevin sent ya! She will make you feel at home and will make your shopping experience great. Oh, right, you probably want to see what I bought! I will just put a few pics in this blog, you can see all the pics I uploaded in the gallery.
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    Hi there again, those thick Heels are my new ( almost 2 years ) ankle booties. The have already a fix place in my car, and whenever a chance, I switch in those and wear them for shopping . More Pics will follow .... The first Pic is with a heeler friend outside in a cafe , he wore those stiletto booties .....
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    Here is an great article from www.heelstoday.com about men wearing heels. SHOULD MEN WEAR HIGH HEELS? September 20, 2019 • High heels for men • High heels size 13 and up Men In Heels The concept of having men wear heels sounds very strange for a lot of people. And that’s because we are expecting the obvious. Women are known to be the ones to wear heels, so when a man does that it’s very strange and quite a bit uncomfortable. Which is exactly why it’s important to know what men think about it. Debate.org has created a poll where they asked the audience to see whether men should actually be wearing any type of heels or not. And it turns out that 35% of the men voted No, but 65% of them voted yes. What men think about wearing heels Obviously, most men that agreed to the idea of wearing heels stated that they should wear heels in private. Which is a very important aspect to keep in mind here. Men still want to impress their ladies and even do some role play. But that won’t really leave the comfort and safety of their home. Those that are against men wearing heels go with the idea that this is not something masculine at all. It sounds and looks interesting, but it’s also a tad problematic as you don’t know what to expect with all this kind of stuff. The primary focus when you wear high heels is to feel comfortable and to constantly try to push the boundaries yourself. But doing that is not that simple for some men, so it can be rather daunting and demanding at the same time. The problem with all of this is that men are expected to wear particular things and they are imposed these shoe types. Which is not fair. Wearing what you like Men and people, in general, should be able to wear whatever they want without having to deal with any restriction. That really goes to show how important it is to focus on growth and value, and the quality itself can be very interesting and powerful at the same time here, which is exactly a crucial aspect. We always wanted men to be more serious and to wear only shoes. But times have changed, we are in modern times and it’s important to allow men to wear whatever they want. That’s a crucial thing, to open up a great range of new ideas as we bring in more support and outstanding options to the table. That’s definitely a tricky aspect, but with the right approach, nothing can stand in your way. So, should men wear heels? That’s up to every man and what he wants to do. No one should impose a person what to wear and how to do that. If a man wants to wear heels and if he feels better doing that, then that’s all you need to know. Of course, there are demanding situations along the way, but the results themselves are among some of the best. It’s just a great opportunity and the options themselves are among some of the best every time without any hassle. We encourage you to wear high heels even if you’re a man, as you get to showcase your ideas and notions without rushing or imposing this idea to anyone. I liked this article it is well written and echos closely how I feel about wearing heels. It is each man's choice as to what clothes he wear or shoes he choices to wear. While it is somewhat sad that a lot of the 65% that said they should wearing heels, yet they feel pressured by society to only wear them indoors. Hey I know what it feels like wanting to wear my heels in public and taking that first huge step out the door in heels. But I know from experience that the fears you have about walking in heels in public are not as bad as your mind makes them. You just have to make up your mind that you like wearing heels, they make you feel good, look good and just take that first step. Like the poem says in "Lord of the Rings": So then in 2020, if you have not yet taken that step down from the door and out in public in your heels, let this be the year that you start this new adventure! Good luck, and like I say, "Keep strutting those heels! Ciao!
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    Finally it is here! Spring has sprung and I am loving strutting my heeled sandals! Feels so good feeling the warm spring air blowing across my toes after such a long, cold weather. Well I have been a bit absent on here as I started a new job and was so busy learning all the duties and such. But now I have a little breather and thought that I would bring you up on what I have been up to. And believe me it had a lot to do with shoes. I am going to have to sit myself down and snap some photos of the shoes that I have bought recently. Seems like when ever I turn around I see another pair of heels that I just must have! I think I am up to 30 pairs now. I can now see how women can have many, many pairs of shoes. When ever I now walk by a display of shoes I am looking at them with an eye as to what outfit this shoe would go with or maybe that outfit. I know my style, but there are times that I stretch myself when buying a style not necessarily mine. Below is a new pair of 3" heels that I bought for wearing at work. They are cute and classic in design. And I bought a pair of comfortably flats to wear, too. What do you think? As I am wearing my heels in public more and more I am becoming a lot more relaxed and not worrying so much about reactions to my wearing heels. Like today when I stopped at a convenience store, the lady at the counter commented that I am sparkling today (was wearing 4 1/2" heeled sandals that were black with glittering stones on the straps) and an older guy was standing there and he glances down at my shoes and I, without missing a beat, said, "I've got to glitter sometimes". The guy didn't say a word. But what made me feel good afterward was the fact that I was completely okay, that I did not feel nervous. Even when I walk through the mall or a store when it is busy, I find myself relaxed wearing my heels and proud that I do wear heels. So if any of you are just starting out wearing your heels in public and have the case of the nerves, just keep strutting your heels, there will come a day when BAM you find that your fears and nerves have vanished. Just like they did for me. Just one last thing, if any of you are ever in the South Bend, Indiana area and want to meet to shop or just have a meet and greet, let me know. And as always, keep strutting those heels! Chow!
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    Wow! Here I am writing my first blog! What to expect in this blog There are a few things I want to say first about this blog, sort of like giving you a heads up about what you will see in this blog: Talks about what I have gone through in my journey of wearing heels, observations, insights and hopefully some good tips on wearing heels. Stories of my wearing heels in public and what I have learned through them. Advice on selecting good heels and possibly reviews on high heels shoes. Encouragement on wearing heels So with that, I will get working on my first actual posting here for this week. Till then, happy heels and may the way before you be smooth!
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    Hi to everyone on here I'm assuming like minded people are viewing this content, if not you wouldn't be on this forum so your comments on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Only last week, having concluded my business early that day, I went for a walk around one of the shopping centers in Dublin to pass some time. Well actually I just wanted to go shoe shopping, which is something I absolutely adore doing. Being a man, this might seem strange, but I just love shopping for ladies high heel platform shoes. The shop assistants are always more than helpful, approaching and asking if they could help. Maybe I looked "out of place" at the time. In one shop I found some fabulous platform ankle boots, black in a size 9, with a 2 inch platform and a 6 inch heel and asked the very attractive sales assistant for the other boot, which she duly delivered. The shop was very quiet at the time, which meant that the assistant had no other customers to attend to. Now the boots were a high quality brand and somewhat expensive even though they were discounted and on sale, which meant that there was no way that I was going to purchase them without trying them on first. I made my way to the nearest seating and proceeded to try on my new boots, which fitted like a glove. The lovely assistant at first appeared "gob-smacked" at what she was witnessing and I felt as though I was going to pass out with embarrassment. Now when I go "shopping" I always wear a pair of extra long boot cut Jeans which I can turn up with my normal shoes. I turned down my jeans and when I stood in my new heels the jeans just about reached the floor, leaving just the bottom of the heel visible. The heels were slightly chunkier than the standard stiletto and I found them more stable and much easier to walk in than my other stiletto heels. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the assistant approaching along with one of her older colleagues and I thought I was about to be thrown out of the store. I must have been bright red as I thought I was going to melt. The younger assistant asked if the shoes were suitable and would I wish to purchase them. I said yes that they were exactly what I was looking for. The middle aged lady picked up the shoe box and asked me would I like to leave on my new boots as she could put my old shoes in the box for me. I think I replied that I would love to but that the shop was in the middle of the shopping center and a long way from where I had parked. The younger girl asked how long had I been wearing heels as she could not believe how well I walked in them, particularly 6 inch heels as she was wearing a similar branded pair of 5 inch court shoes. I replied that i have probably been wearing heels for longer that she had but that wearing them out in public was a rare event, given society's attitude to anything different. The other lady, Angela then whispered that she got an unbelievable buss watching me in my high heels. She said tried to get her boyfriend to wear heels, but that he would only do so occasionally at home. She asked if she could accompany me through the shopping center to where I had parked. I was very reluctant but she said that I would be fulfilling a fantasy of hers if I did. The thoughts of fulfilling two fantasies at once was too much to resist, so off we went. It took a few moments for me to relax in my new elevated position but Angela was well named, she was an angel. We strolled around the shopping center for a couple of hours, popping in and out of shops along the way. In another shoe shop Angela insisted that I try on some other heels and took great enjoyment out of selecting the highest possible heels available. She actually purchased a pair of sky high 7 inch heels for herself. We were almost equal height as we eventually finished our walk and reached my car. I felt we were getting some curious looks along the way, but whether they were looking at Angela or I we'll never know.
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    Well it has been quite some time since I created a new blog entry, got busy with other things in my life that kept me away from writing. Hopefully now things are more sane and I will be more consistent in my writings. With that said, let me get on with this entry! Perusing the forums I see that there is a wide range on how we wear our heels. Some wear them indoors, some out in public and some vary between those. So that set me to thinking about how I wear my heels. For me, I wear my heels every day whether I go to work, shopping or out on the town. I feel very comfortable in my heels and I feel they make me feel more confident and proud. My heels complete my outfits (I wear mostly men's clothing adding in skinny jeans or jeggings when they fit the outfit). In terms of what I wear in heels, that can range from 4 to 5 inch stiletto heels to a block heel on booties for winter. I prefer closed toe shoes over open toe as the open toe's sometimes gives me grief to my toes. I have to be very careful when I buy sandals or open toe pumps making sure that my fit is dang near perfect! Since I participate a lot in the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes events, I have to be conditioned to walk the one mile course. When I first started to support that non-profit, I was beat by the time I walked across the finish line! It took some time to get in shape to master that distance. Now days if I have to walk a lot, I make sure to wear my most comfortable heels. So my advise to guys or women is this. If you are going to walk a lot in your heels, know your limits! There is nothing worse than seeing a man or woman laboring to walk in their heels because they have not taken the time to strengthen their leg and ankle muscles or have done stretching to make their bodies more flexible. Don't get all misty eyed at those alluring 6"+ heels and rush out and buy them and then expect to be able to walk confidently and/or comfortably right out of the box. Won't happen. You'll just do what I did, hurting my foot when my one foot twisted as I fell wearing a pair of 7" stiletto heels! Did not look glamorous or confident when that happened but it did teach me a valuable lesson. So here is what I would like you, the reader that is looking at this post, share how you wear your heels. I'd like to hear about other guys that wear heels and how they perceive how heels has bettered their life or added to their life. Thanks for listening and as always, keep strutting those heels! Ciao!
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    Okay, I do not know about the rest of you but I am always interested in learning more about heels, how to obtain the best fit, comfort, construction of the shoe, etc. Well today I was looking for an illustration to use that would illustrate how your shoe size determines your success in wearing high heels. I had seen an illustration somewhere but do not remember where. So while doing a google search for it, I ran across this article, "How to Measure Your Ideal Heel Height" which I found on the Alterations Needed website. I have copied the main part of the article below to make it convenient for you to read. I did the measurement on my foot and found that my "Ideal Heel Height" is 4.25" which is pretty accurate as my comfort range is heels between 4" and 5". Since I wear a size 12 women's shoe I would be comfortable wearing the higher heels. So take a little time and try this test and let me know how it works for you. How to Measure Your Ideal Heel Height Measurements will be taken with the following points of the foot in mind: The heel (where the high heel of a shoe would sit) The bend at the ball-of-foot (this is my modified step) Measure Sit in a chair and extend your leg straight out in front you. Let your ankle and foot relax so it rests at its natural incline. Tip: I did a few rounds of exercising my ankle and foot (rolling my ankle, pointing my toes, etc.) and then letting it relax to get a feel for what my true “relaxed” state felt and looked like. With a measuring tape or ruler, measure the distance from the heel of your foot, straight out to the point where your ball of foot bends. The measurement on the tape measure where your ball of foot bends indicates your foot’s natural incline and “ideal heel height”. Tip: this is easier with the help of a friend, roommate, or significant other, but it can be done by yourself with a little creativity. How I measured without help: Set up a camera to take photos against a wall with a camera remote, but a self-timer, selfie stick, or the buttons on an iPhone head phone cord could also be used to take photos from a distance. Taped a measuring tape onto the wall at the same height as my extended leg while sitting in a chair. Made sure the measuring tape, and my extended leg/foot were all within the picture frame by taking a few test shots. Sat in a chair, extended my leg, and took a few photos with a camera remote. I stretched my foot and rolled my ankle in between to make sure I got a few “relaxed” shots. Uploaded my photos and drew lines in Photoshop. Hope that you found this informative and helpful! And as I always say, "Keep strutting those heels!"
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    Well I am going to pull the trigger as they say and make my purchase of custom heels from the Shoes of Prey website! Been going back and forth on this decision for some time. First off it was putting together a design I likes with the right colors and material, then the structure of the heel, then back to colors. It has been a journey to say the least. Here is what my new heels will look like, they are called "Fardella 114" shoes, 4 1/2" heels with a t-bar strap, and with a peep toe. Here are some graphics of the shoes: This pair of heels is priced well at $ 217.00 and no freight charge. Hard to beat the price for a custom made shoe. Once I received them; probably about 2-3 weeks, I will post some photos of me wearing them along with my review of the shoe. Let me know what you think of my design. And as always...keep struttin those heels!
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    So I put some more images from my Buffalo ankle Booties online. This is the style I go heeling the last time, those booties are very comfortable to wear. The first 10 seconds are always a high blood pressure situation, although I do this now over 12 or 13 years, but after the 10 sec. everything is fine and it feels just normal to wear High Heels. I think those block heels belongs to HighHeels, they are 12,5cm high with a 1,5cm Plat. So the next couple weeks and month I will bother you with those booties and with my 12cm Pumps from FUSS ( see attachment ) . Maybe I will check out some other Heels from my collection to wear outdoors. So happy heeling everybody, come on, show your outdoor pics !
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    Went out and bought a couple new pairs of ankle boots for winter. Both of them have 3.5" block heels which will help with walking in the snow. The brown pair are from Payless Shoes and the black pair are from Wal-Mart. Did not spend a lot on them as they will be my winter boots and I know that they will get beat up a little with the weather around here. I think I paid around $ 60.00 for both of them. And they both fit my feet well and are well built. Have treated both shoes with leather and heal protector to help them endure the snow and slush we have around here. So here are my new boots...
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    Well here we are so very close to spring and I cannot wait! I have bought new sandals just for spring and I cannot wait to get to walk with them on down the road! I will post a few of my new sandals that I have bought recently. I do not know if it is just me getting older or what, but I have been getting a lot more bolder in wearing my heels and such out in public. Used to be I would wear my booties or heels with my jeans worn over them like many of us do here. Then when I hired a stylist to help me to wear women's clothing correctly and with style, I now wear my heels much like women do in that I wear my jeans tucked into my boots or the cuff of my jeans end at the top of the shoes. Not perfect yet, but I am working on my outfits. The question that rises to my mind is, "Why do we try to hide our heels from public view?" I mean don't we love our heels, think they look good on us, make us feel good? Then why aren't we more bold in wearing our heels? I know it can be intimidating to wear your heels for all to see, but how can we make progress and advocate men wearing heels if we don't show them off on our feet? As for me I am going to wear my heels loud and proud. And for those people that tell me I must be gay or less than a man to wear heels and women's clothing, I tell them this. I am not gay, I am still a guy. I am a freestyle fashion man and I wear what feels good on me, fits me and it does not matter if the clothes or shoes are made for a woman or a man. Besides, who said that this item of clothes is just for a man or a woman? The fashion police?! Some old clothing maker that would freak if a guy even thought of wearing heels. It's time to change it up, time to be free to wear what you want without judgment from others. You are wearing your clothing not anyone else; be who you are instead of being what society says you are. Well that's all for now. Just had to do a little venting. As always, keep strutting those heels!
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    Well here I am again, putting together another blog entry on this very wet day! Been a while since my last entry as I was a bit tied up doing other things. Hope that all are doing great strutting their heels and making heads turn as you pass by. Well first off, I did do a little shopping for shoes this last week. You know how that goes...gotta shop! Anyway, I bought three pairs of heels which I will add to this post at the end. One pair of heels I bought from Payless Shoes in Mishawaka. Got to give a big shout out to the store employee that helped me. She was simply awesome to work with and talk with about shoes. She even told me that she had given lessons to younger women on how to walk in heels. That lead to talking about my experience helping men and women to learn to walk in heels correctly. I suggested that perhaps we could collaborate on making a video on walking in heels, something that both men and women could use. So we swapped phone numbers with the plan to work on this project. Of course I did not just talk, I also found a nice pair of sandal style heels to buy. They are sweet and oh so comfortable. Can't wait till the weather gets warm when I will be able to strut them down the street! I saw other styles I liked but did not go and buy them. My other two shoes that I bought are from JustFab. The booties with the fuzzy balls were not well received by my clothing consultant, who stated, "Those are not the style today!" Well excuse me I think the fuzzy balls are cute. So I like them. My other booties I bought are just wonderful. They have a higher profile which means that my skinny jeans fit in them just fine. Both of my new booties have 4+ inch heels. You might have caught where I mentioned having a Clothing Consultant. I hired her, Nicole, to help me to start putting together women's outfits that I could wear with my heels. Nicole is guiding me into determining my sizes of clothing, what works with what, etc. It's been an interesting few weeks now. So now in addition to buying my heels, I am buying skinny jeans, blouses, etc to complete my look. And yes I have been wearing my skinny jeans with my heels out in public. Definitely no hiding the heals when wearing skinny jeans! So now I am adjusting to being more noticeable when I am out in public, but at least with Nicole's help I will be stylin correctly! One last thing before I run, guys, gals, if you have never gotten a massage before...do it! I had my first at Massage Envy last week and it was so good! I had the Swedish massage and the woman that worked on me was simple awesome! Was feeling so relaxed afterwards...amazing! Well that's all for now! As always, keep strutting those heels!
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    Hey gang, got my new shoes in that I ordered from JustFab! They came in last week but I have not had a lot of time to do a blog on them. Anyway, here are some photos of the new shoes I received: First heel is a classic pump with a ribbon tie ate the ankle. Heel height is 4.25". I think they look super cute and sexy. Cannot wait till the air is warmer outside so I can walk out in public in them! The second heel is a lace bootie with lace up front and a zipper in back. Heel height is 4.5". Wore them out in public yesterday when the temps were in the fifties. Had to laugh at a couple guys that did a double take when I was at the post office! Think I freaked them out a bit, but hey, that is their issue. I love my heels! I just love getting new heels, especially when I scored a great deal on them! Both of the above heels cost me $ 39.00 which in my eye is a huge bargin. Well that's all for now! And as always, "keep strutting those heels!" Bye - K2inheels
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    This is not a great time to wear heels outside! But being the heel nut that I am, I do go out in heels even in the snow. Now I not stupid I don't try wearing stilletos in the snow. I only use my ankle or calf length boots in the snowy season and they all have blockier heels for stability. Now that brings me to what I want to talk about this time. A couple good places to score some good heels. So here we go! Shoes of Prey Shoes of Prey is a site that allows you to design your shoes online be they heels or flats the way you want. That means styles, fabric, colors, trim, etc. They do go up to size 12 in most of the styles and up to a 4" heels on some of the styles. All of your design choices are easy to apply on the site. You can then view your new heels from various angles to get a better idea of what they will look like. You can always go back and make any changes you want. And if you just cannot decide they have a great team of people that will assist you with creating your dream heels or just a new pair of heels for a special evening our outing. Here is one design that I was working on and need to tweek a little before I pay out the $ 129.00 the heels will cost: Once I am done with the final touches on this shoe, I will post an update on the fit, comfort and detail on the shoes. DSW DSW, as many of you know is a retail store that sells men, women's and children with the tag line, "Designer Show Warehouse." They have some great heels at the store, but I have found that they have very, very few size 10 and above in heels. You may luck out on one or two, but it can be a frustrating search. However all is not lost at DSW! Just go online, they have a number of heel styles available up to size 12. Maybe not the sky high sexy heels that we know and love, but some really nice heels all the same. You can order the heels online and then have them shipped to the store for free or have them shipped to your home. Either way, I would give them four stars for what they do have. JustFab JustFab, is and online store that caters to women's shoes and clothing. Has some really nice heels and their clothes are to die for all at very reasonable prices. You have to check this site out if you have not already! Basically the site works this way, your first purchase is discounted a lot. Like when I did my order the other day for a couple of heels. Cost me only $39.00 for both! (see them below). Now when February comes around I will have to buy another item or let them know I am skipping the month. If I do not let them know I am skipping the month by the 5th, then I would be charged $39.50 for that month. But, that money will be there when I do decide to but something. And knowing me, I will have little trouble buying something every month. Oh and they have a thing called the "My Boutique" where you let them know your styles so they can make better recommendation to you. So with out any further things, here are the two shoes that I ordered. They should be here Monday at which time I will model them for you. Well that's all for now! And as always get out there and strut your stuff!
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    Ok, I don't know if I'm doing this correctly, but hopefully here are my first pics of some of my heels. Enjoy and let me know what you think please. http://s860.photobucket.com/albums/ab161/wearheels/
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    I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting tired of posting In the forums. Its the same old, same old! People too scared to wear heels outside, worrying what others think and so on. If I find something interesting, I might post, but not right now. Some people might be upset by my comments, but its just shoes and you have nothing to be ashamed of! I'm going to concentrate on my blogs. This way I can talk about everything I'm into. Heels are I small part of what I'm in. To be honest, I like high heels, but not sandals, clogs, strappy slingbacks or pumps with a ton of toe cleavage. I like chunky heel pumps and boots with platforms and with a goth influence. I'm sure everybody have their favorite type of shoes. I'm trying to make my own designs and don't want to follow a crowd too much.
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    First ankle boots buyed from fuss-schuhe.de
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    I was walking through the Bay(store in toronto). When you are walking thru the cosmetics department, you're always stopped by someone trying to sell something. All the designer outlets are very close together, its sort of like saks 5th ave. In new york. Anyway, I wanted to check out the new christian dior perfumes and then check out the new swatch watches. But a woman from Estee Louder caught my eye. She said if a spend $36. I get a free gift. So I told her I need a good concealer. She did a whole makeup application. With eyeliner and mascara. Almost every man that walked by gave me a dirty look. But the women seemed to love it. What's wrong with guys? Its my own business what I want to put on my face! If you don't approve, then screw you. The girl loved my look with the flare jeans, heels, and cool hair. She had to wash off the makeup I put on in the morning. She said I did an amazing job putting it on. She said guys should have this kind of fun just like the girls do. She had so much fun working on me and I loved it. We talked about an hour. I told her of my fashion ideas and the type of look I'm going for. She told me I'm high maintenance. Sort of like a Kim Kardasian type. I'll take that as a compliment. I know I'm vain and ego driven, but that's just me. Got to be like that in the fashion world. I made her day. She probably went home and forced her husband to wear makeup. I tod her I'd be back to get pampered again Ash
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    I like the look of womans pants with heels. There are so many different cuts you can get. I like the lowrise supertight from the hips to the knee with a bit of flare at the hem. And you can get them at any length. What's with the mens pants with no shape. Why would you work out hard and get toned just to hide it all. Womens pants are awesome. I'm going to Express today to buy a pair of slim flares to go with my platform pumps. Ashley.
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    I live in the South East of England with my sister Personally I have 225 shoes, between us we have 350 pairs My job is branding, and as it's office based with the chance to meet clients I always wear heels at work I'm currently building my second shoe room having moved house recently When I moved house, it took two and a half Transit vans to move our shoes (all in thier shoe boxes) My favourite brand is Louboutin; I have ten pairs of Louboutin shoes and boots My favourite style is the Tribute; I have 6 pairs of YSL Tributes My highest heel is 12 inches with a 7 inch platform that I bought for fun Most of my shoes are 6 inches high I'm only small; I'm just under 5'3", 7 stone and have little UK size 5 feet My original home is actually just north of Madrid I'm fluent in Spanish, Italian, Catalan and know a bit of French and Portuguese My sister Caitlynn is a couple of years younger but is also size 5 so we can (and do) share shoes My favourite pair of shoes for special occassions are my Louboutin Anenomie Plumes My favourite pair of shoes for any occassion are my Tribute Pumps I love shoes more for the fashion-element rather than the fetish side of things My favourite brands other than the designer makes are Dune, Office, Aldo, Faith and New Look. I easily spend over £5000 on shoes every year. I have a good job, can share shoes with my sister and have no debts so anything I can spend on shoes I do

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