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    ... hope this is ok from the side ?
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    I just want to encourage every guy that loves heels to continue to grow in their confidence in wearing their heels. It is all about the journey, we may have hard times and sometimes we will have amazing times. But keep moving forward and surround yourself with people that will support you and encourage you. Like being on this site. If I can encourage you or help you, just give me a shout. Would love to one day meet you all, comparing heels, sharing stories and good times. Keep strutting those heels!
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    I already do it at night! With someone else it would be easier.
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    I remember punishing myself the same way....My life would be complete if I could help just one poor guy from wasting years away with self punishment like I did.... The fact of the matter is that many guys have a secret desire to wear women's clothing....This does not mean you are gay, or a freak, or anything like that. Please trust us when we tell you that. Please take advantage of all the like minded guys you will find here, hopefully we can help you get over your unfounded fears. Again, the truth is that many guys have a thing for women's clothing of one sort or another. Most keep this as a secret desire and never act on it. Many guys have real nice figures and look amazing in fem gear. Times are changing, hopefully we can break down some of society's silly stereotypes. Please stay in touch with us and let us know how you are doing...Don
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    I would love nothing more that to go out in my heels, wedges, flats, boots or whatever footwear I have chosen to wear today. Unfortunately I will not let my family be ridiculed because that is what happens where I live. "The times, they are a changing," slowly but surely. Hope to see the day when prejudices remain a footnote in history and we can leave them firmly behind us. Also a massive "big-up" to those of you who can and do venture out in whatever you wish to wear. Indeed many thanks you are most definitely trailblazers paving the way for the rest of us to follow in your heeled footsteps.
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    You are right, of course. My levis are slowly creeping upwards and showing more of my boots. Quite frankly, I don't have the !@#$s right now to wear my boots loud and proud, with jeans tucked inside the shafts. But, I do wear my boots publicly, and get just a bit bolder every day. Look forward to the day when I tuck the levis inside the boot shafts, and laugh off any negative comments...
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    Yes! I am traveling a lot. If anyone wants to join
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    So so true Don. Well said .
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    Well, you are so right.. Trying to wear heels that are ill fitting, or too high will only result in pain and frustration during extended outings. The strange thing is that a higher heel does not necessarily correlate to difficult/painful walking. Sometimes, a lower heel can be uncomfortable, I guess it all depends on how the shoe/boot is engineered. And block heels are not necessarily easier to walk in than stilettos. I am guilty of buying used boots that are a bit too small because I love the style or the way they look, thinking they will "stretch out" is usually a waste of time. I did gamble on this new pair of Sam Edelman boots with 4.5" stiletto heels, these are women's size 10s, I usually wear 11s. I am so thrilled because they fit perfectly with thin no show gym socks, or perhaps some hose/tights. These boots are so easy to walk in, even when compared to the block heeled boots I own, except my Frye cowgirl boots with 3" heels. Sizing varies so much between manufacturers, even different styles from the same manufacturer. Be sure to check return policies before buying new boots online. I wear these Sam Edelmans so often, I recently found another new pair and bought them quickly. Needless to say, stiletto boots aren't the best choice for extended wear outside on the streets, have already replaced the heel tips three times. I always wear my boots with levis, but like 511s best. The latest pair of 511s has a little stretch to them, so they fit perfectly over my boots. Sure hope someday I will have enough confidence to wear my boots over my levis. I don't have the bod to pull off much from the "other side of the store", but feel I look good wearing guys clothing with boots. Just wish my better half felt the same way....D
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    Interesting article, I guess my ideal heel is about 4"
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    100% agree with you. It can't be said better!!!
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    Yes,yes,and YES'! I wear heels because of the feeling and the look it gives. That's it!
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    They look great. I am sure they make a nice solid sound as you walk by... would like too see a side pic of them if you have?
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    Thanks buddy...I have come a long way from where I began a few years back, still more barriers to knock over though! Wore my skinny 511s with my boots today, so it was near impossible to hide the heels...Wolfed down a cheeseburger at 5Guys with my heels straddling the stool, felt good...
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    Keep it up, @pebblesf - everyone has to be comfortable with where they are at
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    "Why do we try to hide our heels from public view?" In the summer you will find me in shorts most of the time. There is no way to hide your heels when you are wearing shorts. So I need to wear quality heels all the time and "wear my heels loud and proud." Even now when my pants are covering the top of my heels, women still asked to see the whole heel and compare them to what they are wearing.
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    The heels are on par and maybe a tad better than Payless. The price point was good with the ankle boots on sale for $20.00 while the thigh boots were not on sale at $39.00. I always look at the construction of the heels I buy which means I look for poor craftsmanship, how the heel is aligned to the heel of my foot and how they feel on my feet. The ones from Shoe Show scored well in all three facets I look at. Of course all heeled boots I buy get treated with a moisture protectant before I wear them outdoors. Dana also told me that if I went to one of their stores in a city like Ft. Wayne or Indianapolis I would find a greater selection of stiletto heels. Guess what? I am planning a road trip soon to check that out!
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    I work for the airlines, so travel the US frequently. Usually layover in NYC, Miami, Dallas Tx, or Los Angeles Ca. So, let me know if and when you will be in the US, would be very cool to meet up and go for a stroll in heels. Don
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    You are so right buddy....Heeling is so much easier when out with another heeling buddy, "confidence in numbers" I guess....
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    Perfectly ok. I would wish to walk you down the street with my high heels !
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    I read hhplace from the all activity panel also. That's where I found this blog entry.
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    Hey Cat, To be honest I read the site from the "All activity" panel, so that I can also see your posts on your blog !
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    I don't know if it's in your comfort zone or not, but try those with a skinny jean and line up the inner seam of the jean with the zipper. I think you'll like the look.
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    Sounds to me like you discovered the basic truth. But the other truth is that guys need to see examples of guys who are fearless about wearing high heels in public, including the sexy stiletto.
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    There are many like you. I love the way the ladies look in their strappy high heel sandals. I wear the same thing and love them. Have been wearing them for four months. Now have 12 pairs. Heel height is 3 to 5.5 inches. All are strappy and extremely sexy. I love wearing them.

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