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    Its officially spring now, even though it doesnt look like it here yet...fashioneably ok to wear white? With some pink.
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    I have a couple prs of heels on order. Fun prs. to wear when social distancing...
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    I have to work from home due to Corona. Thougt I have to dress up for work.
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    Cold wind today so keeping the legs warm in these thigh high's
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    Haven't wore these in a while but with social distancing has given me more time to wear my heels at home. My "pick of the day".
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    One thing about staying home it gives me much more time to wear my heels. This was my heel of choice yesterday.
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    I know I have posted these heels before but I really like how the colors really "pop" in this photo.
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    My new thigh high boots I received about 2 weeks ago. Finally getting around to taking a good picture with them on.
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    Casual look of the day..."chillin" before work..
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    Pleaser Adores...not everybodies taste in heels I know, but they are super comfortable and I like them. Isn't that all that matters? lol.
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    These are my version of the vintage lace up boots picture I sent. Not the perfect outfit to wear it with, I have some skirts and dresses that would go better but as Im getting about like this today thought it would be good to get them on and photographed. js
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    Hey there. I really like your pictures today. I have been getting about in heels today... with a new pair of leggins. Coincidentally, looking at your headline picture here, mine have some similarities ! I'm inspired. Next time i'm in Sydney I think I will be heading out in public. Thanks.js
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    A little heel dangling with my purple pumps.
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    A few more pics from the other day. One of my favorite heels because of the color and height.
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    A little free time today....trying a summer "vibe" even though there is a foot of snow on the ground. Showing my true colors "eh ".

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