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Why Donate?

Believe it or not, HHPlace is an expensive website to keep runing. The hosting alone for its dedicated server costs £99/month and the software sets me back another $210/year, and this is before any work gets put in to maintain the place.

I never ask anybody for a penny and wouldnt dream of ever wanting to charge any money, hence the donations box. This was actually requested by quite a lot of members who wanted to give something back.

I've like to be able to invest some money in a nice theme to make the place look nicer too.

IP.Board Donations by DevFuse
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  • Donation Goals

    2021 - Break Even

    This year, I'd like HHPlace to be self-sustaining and pay for itself. A little more love and less back-stabbing from those who contribute nothing and consideration for how they got to where they are now.

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