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  1. All I can say is WOW!!!!! Such a sexy pair of Mary Janes and I absolutely love the heel height! All you have to do now is post some pics in the gallery of you in these amazing heels
  2. Very comfortable I must say!!! I never really had an issue with my toes being pinched in them and yes, the heels are still sturdy
  3. Thank you very much!!! I couldn't resist buying them even with such a high heel, they looked so good in the store. I figured if I was going to learn how to walk in heels why not start with a pair that would be a challenge and force me to wear them and master walking in them. I am so glad I did !!!!!!!!!!!
  4. The first I bought were a pair of black pumps with a 5.75 inch heel. I still have them and do wear them from time to time I will say, I have put many kilometers on them and loved every step
  5. Smokin HOT I must say!!! I have 2 pairs very similar to those with the special arch and 6.5 inch heels, one all black and the second pair are black with a red heel!!!
  6. Awesome pair of boots spikesmike!!!
  7. Damn they look great on you!!!
  8. Damn they look great, a perfect pair of heels to go with your daily business attire
  9. Both pairs are simply fantastic!!!
  10. So would I
  11. It's not too often that I wear my boots in full view but once in a while I just feel the need too
  12. So very true! God those boots are smokin Hot, they look great on you!!!
  13. I have the same pair also in size EU43 and I love the way they look Just keep practicing walking in them as it will get easier. I know the heel is really high but once you get the hang of walking in them you will love them that much more!!! Here are a few pics of me wearing mine
  14. Thanks for the info!!! How was the pricing and we're they good to deal with?
  15. I need to get myself a pair of those!!! I know you got them from imakebootsandgloves but is there a style name for them? They look fantastic on you too!
  16. Very nice!
  17. Love them both but my first choice would be the second pair!
  18. Welcome to the forum and your pictures are fantastic!!!
  19. Can you please tell me where you found these, they are definitely a must have for my wardrobe!!!
  20. Damn those are Hot!!!!!!!
  21. I love both pairs!!!
  22. WOW!!! Those boots look fantastic on the both of you. I think you should invest in the black pair too!!!!!!!!
  23. I must say, great purchase
  24. Those are so hot!!! Where did you purchase them?
  25. Absolutely fantastic