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Best Ballet Heel Toe Padding?


What Do you Use as Ballet Heel Toe Padding?  

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  1. 1. What's in between the toes and the sole?

    • a wad of paper
    • a wad of fiber (e.g. cotton or wool)
    • a wad of fabric (e.g. polyester or nylon)
    • a piece of other material (e.g. sponge or rubber)
    • silicone gel pads
    • no padding, socks
    • no padding, barefoot
    • other configurations

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I bought a pair of Devious 1020's and they come with those wads of paper for toe padding. After a while, I found them satisfactorily functional but was wondering if more experienced people generally use something else, like some gel pads or wads of cotton, or bunched up old fabrics or, as real ballerinas use, wads of merino wool.

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