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Found 3 results

  1. First, hello! Been a long time I've posted, and chilled in here. With the hot season gone, it's time for cocooning and web browsing has thus replaced working outdoors. That being said, I haven't stopped wearing heels, far from it. So, I wish to share with you my evolution, progression, gain of confidence, you get the point! I remember last year, having the urge to talk about my love of heels to my fellow coworkers. I work mostly with women, except for one guy who became a good friend. So, last year I told my friend and my boss about my love of heels, openly and without shame. I discovered then that what I believed a long time ago to be true was mostly false. I mean - and it seems like a century ago - that I let my fears be "the mindkiller". I did not feel judged, and telling my story to them made me more confident. So... this summer (I work outside 100% of the time), I decided that I'd on some occasions wear my heels in front of my friends, at the job (during lunch time or after work). I also shaved my legs starting in july, never to stop. (I have tattoos, they look great with my legs shaved, but let's be honest, big hairy legs with sexy sandals doesn't ring a bell for me ). My girlfriend and I had an evening with two of our collegues (and I passed the evening in my little high heels brown sandals). I have also started to wear my heels more frequently in public, like when going to the village, etc. Also, I frequently manicure now, (mostly dark colors). One of my biggest 'accomplishment' (am I spelling this right?) this summer was when I went shopping for heels, for my birthday. I wore my Steve Madden black booties, blue jeans and a black vest. I looked great and felt confident. I had looked thoroughly on Naturalizer's web site, and had my eyes on a few pairs. I had approx 140$ budget. So on this beautiful august morning, I park at the mall and see that it's really already buzzing with life. It was perhaps 10am at this time. A brief moment of panic comes through me, as I see all the people, but I take a slow, deep breath and kick myself. So i get out of the truck. First, I realise that even though I am quite agile in my heels, I am taking steps too long. I am walking too fast. So I slow my pace and walk towards one of the main doors. I open the door for a beautiful lady, who I am sure have noticed my boots. (They are not hidden by my jeans but they do not make the typical heel sound). I walk towards the center of the mall, I don't know where is the Naturalizer but I quickly find it. No customers, I go in. Not that it would have changed anything. I am there! So the lady comes out of the backstore, she's smily and welcomes me. I tell her that i'm looking for a new pair of high heels, I wear size 10 wide and would like to try a pair that I have seen in store. She asks me which, but alas there are not available in my size. We then look at the web site, and prepair the order for the heels I was craving, which they do not have in store also. Then, as we talk, she tells me she might have a pair in the backstore that a lady returned. So during the time she searches for it, I look at the beautiful shoes. I then saw beautiful sandals for my lady, and decided I would not be the only one to have a new pair of shoes. Marlene comes from the backstore with a box, with beautiful subtle sandals in them. I feel a little judged by another customer when I remove my soxes, thus revealing my blue nail polish. I try the sandals, and gosh! I feel like walking on clouds. I'm conviced. At this moment, there was a sale at Naturalizer : when you bought 3 pairs, you had 30% on all of them. So... I bought the sandals for my lover, and bought the other two pairs, the last one being shipping at my home. I had a wonderful shopping experience, and can't wait to return to this great place to buy new shoes or boots. This time with my lover, who was really happy with the gift I made to her. It felt great, it still does, I'm proud of all the steps that I've made. This forum was the starting point for all of this.
  2. Hello everyone, I am strugling to find myself a store that would have shoes/boots of my size (eu 41-43, depending on style) in my country (Czech Republic). I would like to use this discussion as a place where I could get some help but also as a place where we can share some shops or websites where we shop often as a recommendation. I am quite young still so I have a lot to explore but I was looking for some tips that some more experienced can share with me. So far I am just going out in normal clothes sometimes with thighs and I wear heels at home. Not too often as I still live parents so its little harder but that is story for another time :-).
  3. After a couple of years away, I wanted to get back to sharing my outing adventures and experiences. I have been pretty busy as my life has seen some major changes. Ironically, I get out more than ever and really try to pull off some different looks. However, I do not always have the time to report, take and edit photos, etc. Recently, I have decided to put myself out there more using social media. I am planning on starting a blog and have started a Twitter. I remember that a few years back, some of the members were encouraging my to write a book, which I am seriously considering. At the very least, I would love to be back here as a regular contributor. A lot has changed and I am looking forward to checking in and sharing the things that I do. Since this forum is dedicated to high heel fashion, I plan on keeping my postings Germain to to heel wearing - although heels form the foundation of my style, it does go beyond than. However, if I didn't love wearing high heels, I don't think I would have ever tried a skirt, dress, or any other traditionally female fashion item. For me, it always starts and end with the heels! New Adventure #1 - Sunday July 21, 2013 A quick outing today. However, most of my outings tend to be quick - about an hour or so. The heat was pretty intense today and I needed to do some work, so I went to Parana Bread to bask in the air conditioning, drink some strong iced tea, and jump onto the free Internet. Instead of work, I wound up setting up my Twitter and Blogger account. My outfit: Banana Republic nylon tank with a blue and white pattern, LOFT orange maxi skirt, brown Nine West "Smilelydays" stiletto sandals (about 4 inches), yellow J.Crew cross-body bag, Banana Republic silver choker, yellow Cache bracelet, gold Ann Taylor cuff with blue bead. My outing was peaceful. I have long since stopped noticing people reacting in a negative way to my dress unless it is obvious or done in a confrontational way. Odd looks, snickers from teen-aged girls, whispering between people all just seem to come with doing anything out of the ordinary. However, I do usually pick up on positive interactions and have become more approachable in recent months. The best thing that happened today was an elderly woman (the place I went today seems to attract an older crowd) told me that she thought it was "wonderful" that I do what I do. I remember that it wasn't long ago that I used to force myself to go to places where I set down and lingered. Now, these are often the moments I treasure the most. I bought the shoes on Macy's clearance this summer, though I had coveted them since first seeing them when they were released in the early spring. I have them in both brown and black. My original thought was to wear them with skinny jeans or crops, I just couldn't resist wearing them with this maxi. They are actually quite comfortable, though the skirt draws most of the attention (Its big and orange after all.) It is wonderful to be posting an outing again! I look froward to hearing from old friends and making a lot of new ones!
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