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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Everyone, I'm doing some research on high heels for a project and would love people to tell me about their experiences when wearing high heels! Please take a few minutes to fill out my 10 questions and please explain some of your answers honestly and in detail! https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/NFS7LGZ Thanks so much! Y
  2. Selling my shoes and boots collection. some prices shown are the price I paid for please enquire for price and size and shipping cost prices are negociable to sell MAKE ME AN OFFER Thank you
  3. Alright before I start I just wanted to say that this is the second time that I have posted here on this site, I just want to let everyone here know that since I last posted which was almost a year ago a lot has happened since then. I first came out to my older sister that I am transgender back in July and I was so happy that I did because she seemed to be all cool about it and did not laugh or get mad at all. I then came out to my younger sister back in October of last year and she also was cool with it as she did not laugh or get upset with me. I then came out to my parents back in November of last year and this was when things started to go really bad for me. After I had told my parents that I am transgender both my parents freaked out and got really upset with me. My mom does not believe that I am transgender at all. I am still trying to get her to understand that there is nothing that she can do to make it go away. My dad on the other had at first got so mad at me that he almost did not want to have anything to do with me until I started talking more to my counselor about everything that has been going on with me in my life. My mom seems to be taking it harder than my dad as it bothers her a lot that I want to dress really bad in women's clothing not just at home but out in public as well but I haven't been able to really dress at all. For my dad it does bother him a lot but he seems to be trying to be understanding at the fact that this is who I am and that there is nothing he can do to make it go away even though he got really upset and kind of laughed at me in the beginning when I told both my parents back in November of last year. My dad is quiet about it all as he tries his best to not laugh at me or get really upset because he knows that my Grandmother which is his mother is a lesbian and he does not want to let it really bother him too much as it feels like he wants to keep a good relationship with me. I am really battling my mom on this issue more than my dad, which is really surprising to me that it bother my mom more than my dad. My mom always tells me that there is no way that I will ever be able to look like a girl no matter what I do and it hurts me inside. I also found at that my sisters are kind of nervous about it all as I am their only brother and they are a bit scared but they still love me for who I am no matter what. I am am at the point right now that I don't know what to do. I just found out the other day when I had my session with my female counselor that my mom does not really want to talk about me being transgender but at the same time she still loves me no matter what. The biggest thing she said to me that she won't take me shopping for clothes at all as it will really bother and make her really uncomfortable. I am at the point now that I have to either have to buy my clothes online or go to a store and by women's clothes by myself or if I had someone who is willing to go with me but I really do have any friends at all so that won't work. The biggest problem I have with buying my clothes by myself is that I am really nervous about do it a lone. The only thing I have done so far is buy women's shoes online which at the time I did it before I came out to my parents that I am transgender so I was sneaking my shoes and only wearing them in my room. I could continue to buy online but I really don't want to because buying shoes for me was a little easy as I did not have trouble with buying shoes in my size I mostly fit in a size 8 shoe I did buy a couple of shoes in a 7 1/2 because a couple of shoes I did buy felt a little big but still they are OK to wear. Now when it comes to clothes and underwear it is way harder to know my size as women's sizing is way different than men's clothing sizes so I am afraid to get the wrong size for me buying online. There are just certain things that are better to buy at a store than online and the same thing goes the other way around. I really only like shopping online for things that you can't find in store. I just really want advice on how do I go about going to a clothing store alone without fear getting in the way for me. I also want advice on how do I go about wearing the shoes I have so far in public as I really want to wear them really bad even if I still look like a guy. I just don't feel right on the inside wearing male clothing anymore even if I still look like a guy. My mom just told me that if I want to wear my shoes then it is up to me even if it does bother her she said that I have to accept it if people laugh at me or look at me funny or even say something. I need to know how to not let fear get in my way and I also need to know to not let what people might thing get in the way as well. Anything to show that I feel like a girl on the inside would make me happy even if I can't be 100 percent female right now as I know that there is a lot that goes into before I can start transiting. I have a lot of shoes most of them women's flip flops, 3 pairs of open toe heels and 2 pairs of open toe high heels wedges that are just sitting in my closet collecting dust and I want to wear them really bad. So far all I have worn is the jeans that my mom was nice enough to give me a few months ago. So it does bother my parents a lot but they are still trying to let me know they still love me. At first I thought they really hated me but my mom told me that if she did then she would not want to have nothing to do with me. Right now all it is that they are really nervous and don't want people to make fun of me when the days comes that I start cross dressing which I hope is very soon as I don't want to hide it any more and only wear what I have at home. so where should I go is really the question I am asking here as I don't know how to get myself to do this on my own I know I am 27 but I also want to let everyone know that I have Aspergers Syndrome which is a problem that causes a lot of anxiety for me when being around other people or doing things by myself that I should be doing as an adult and it causes a problem for me where I get stuck on certain things. Once I am able to do certain things by myself I am OK but not knowing how makes it really hard for me but part of it is my parents fault they do a lot of things for me anyway then being guy who is transgender does not make thing any easier for me it just makes it even more harder. If anyone here would like to see pictures of me wearing my shoes I would be happy to do so after all this site is called high heel place which for me I am into more than just high heels I actually like any kind of women's shoe that is really girly looking like I am really into women's shoes that are really sparkly but that isn't all I like as long as it looks like a shoe that only girls would wear. I actually like playing the Sims games where you can mod the game and add whatever you want to the game, I like playing as a female and adding custom clothes that people have made for the game a lot of stuff I have on my characters in the game are stuff that I wish I could wear in real life I also like doing the same thing in the Skyrim game as well, some of the mods people have made for the game look really cool. Anyway thanks for reading my post and feel free to comment if you like with advice or support would be nice. I am on Youtube and Twitch if you guys want to see what I do online I mostly play video games and sometimes I do tutorial videos on Youtube. My Gaming Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWoTJWqA6GSXuEqX2ywWsog My Tutorial Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/Mastersun88 My Twitch Channel https://www.twitch.tv/mastersungaming
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