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Found 29 results

  1. Hello All: I thought this might be a fun topic as well as to share different tastes and points of view and even maybe get some ideas. This is by no means meant as a political thread or if shoes are meant for women or men. Just show us what shoes you think are prettiest girliest shoes, whether you think those shoes are girlie just because of the heel or color or if they have glitter, are sparkly, have rhinestones or the type material, embellishments, flowers, bows, anything goes... Lets just show pretty shoes specially if your wear them or, would like to wear them. If you have an story with them even better. Girls are welcome and encouraged to share or comment. Let me get the ball rolling with 3 of my favorites. I like a lot more, but lets just get started with these: First Pink flashy shoes, extremely girly and pretty love them: Then I think these are the girliest and prettiest shoes ever, you guys be the judge: And finally the fantasy girly shoes, Cinderella and crystal clear shoes: Regards
  2. I'm back after a long departure due to password problems. The other day my wife told me:"I love you with no concern to what shoes you are wearing." Needless to say I have doubled down on my wearing. I bought some boots at Dress Barn that I can wear for easily 6-7 hours. My trusty 3 inch mary janes I call my bedroom slippers thats because I can go fast in them. I don't care anything about "heel wars" bragging about how a guy can wear. I did take my 4&1/2" ers for a test drive a while back and something went ker-pop in my ankle. It still hurts every day. I participated in Walk A Mile in Her Shoes to begin doing it out of the bedroom. I highly recommend it. Thousands of guys have done it. Wear quality shoes that fit, not the loaners. If I had a dollar for every pair of heels I've bought I could buy many more!
  3. Hey! If you live in southern Michigan, northern Indiana or even Chicago, looking to put together a meet for sometime in the summer. So if you are interested in doing that, let me know here and we can move forward from that. Chow!
  4. Hello everyone, I am strugling to find myself a store that would have shoes/boots of my size (eu 41-43, depending on style) in my country (Czech Republic). I would like to use this discussion as a place where I could get some help but also as a place where we can share some shops or websites where we shop often as a recommendation. I am quite young still so I have a lot to explore but I was looking for some tips that some more experienced can share with me. So far I am just going out in normal clothes sometimes with thighs and I wear heels at home. Not too often as I still live parents so its little harder but that is story for another time :-).
  5. Hello Everyone, I'm doing some research on high heels for a project and would love people to tell me about their experiences when wearing high heels! Please take a few minutes to fill out my 10 questions and please explain some of your answers honestly and in detail! https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/NFS7LGZ Thanks so much! Y
  6. Sky High Mix 6 heels size 10 Great condition $35 Black Platform heels with zipper Size 10 Great condition as well $20 Some shipping will apply depending on where you live Email with questions
  7. Just wanted to introduce myself to the group. I am from Northern Indiana, fairly close to the Michigan border. I have been married for 19 years to a wonderfully understanding wife. For about three years now I have been wearing high heels first at home but now a lot more in public. I am a big proponent that guys should be able to wear heels and women's shoes if they so wish. I find that when I wear my heels, they make me feel good, feel more confident and I find them sexy. My heels tend to range from 4 to 6 inch in height. I have t-strap heels, calf high boots, open toe heels, thigh high boots, etc. I tend to stay with simple, classic design and color with a little bling on them. I will attach a few photos so you can get an idea of what I wear. I first got into wearing heels when I first got involved with Walk a Mile in Her Shoes. This is an international men's walk to stop rape, sexual assault and gender violence. I have been walking in the event (more than one in any given year) for about ten years. Hope to be a help, and encouragement and build bridges with this group. Thanks for listening and hope to get to know you all better!
  8. Today I found a very interesting article about a guy in Australia, who is wearing high heels as part of his business dress: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... ement.html or here: http://www.news.com.au/finance/work/at- ... 3a079ba6b0 And once again on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvrwCEztXLM and there is another clip - extended version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rUuc8Recr0
  9. Hello, first time poster here, been a lurker for a while. A while ago I saw a friend of mine's mother wear black leather heels with an instep strap with a diamond buckle at a wedding reception. She told me the brand was "Lorena" but couldn't tell much more about them as she had bought them second-hand. From a little bit of Googling I found the brand "Lorena" is most likely Bulgarian (which would make sense as I live in Macedonia) but could not find the shoes on sale anywhere or even pictures of them. I mocked up a quick picture in Photoshop of what the shoes looked like. If anyone knows where I can purchase them or even view them online that would be really helpful. Thanks in advance, Anna
  10. Very high thin heel bright neon. Back of heel is worn from me driving how the heck? Little tear on platform. They feel amazing. Love the super thin heel. Make me an offer,I have to clear out some heels
  11. Great walk around town in these amazing heels. Feel very high and powerful. Just wanted to share.
  12. Wow! Here I am writing my first blog! What to expect in this blog There are a few things I want to say first about this blog, sort of like giving you a heads up about what you will see in this blog: Talks about what I have gone through in my journey of wearing heels, observations, insights and hopefully some good tips on wearing heels. Stories of my wearing heels in public and what I have learned through them. Advice on selecting good heels and possibly reviews on high heels shoes. Encouragement on wearing heels So with that, I will get working on my first actual posting here for this week. Till then, happy heels and may the way before you be smooth!
  13. Unknown brand worn but in great shape, heel tips are still great. I just have too many now $20 + shipping to you message me with questions.
  14. Only worn around house, they are too big for me. They are size 12. Have a quilted look they are beautiful just too big. $50 + actual shipping to you. Message me with any questions. I will deal if you want multiple pairs.
  15. Red guess high heels platform for sale us11 . Worn around very little other then house and work. Wish I could wear out more. $35 + shipping to you. They are a bit tight for an 11. Message me with questions Make me an offer if you are interested
  16. Only worn around the house and driveway platform very high but comfy and easy to walk in. $50 + actual shipping to you. Message me if interested.
  17. Only worn around the house and driveway platform very high but comfy and easy to walk in. $50 + actual shipping to you. Message me if interested.
  18. Hi, Does anyone have any experience buying the "Onlymaker" brand off of Amazon? I think they are out of China so I've been a bit skeptical. I've had my eye on these for awhile. https://www.amazon.ca/Women-Animal-Print-Platform-leopard/dp/B01MDM5UN3/ref=sr_1_65?s=shoes&ie=UTF8&qid=1492354087&sr=1-65&nodeID=8604915011&psd=1
  19. Straight guy here that loves heels on women and just recently found that I love to wear them. WOW what a feeling, now I know what all of the women have been feeling. I have seen and agree that I wish it was acceptable to wear what you want out but know that it isnt. I have been brave and bought pants that go all the way to the ground and have worn pumps into stores a long way from home that are lower end kind of stores. I don't want to run into someone I might know. I avoid as many people as I can. I love the feeling. I wear pumps and platforms, with a thin heel if I can find. I hope this can be a place to talk and share. thank you for listening
  20. There is another sale at http://shoefreaks.ca. I'd love to have some suggestions, maybe have the forum pick out something for me to buy so I can take some pictures in them Any help would be appreciated.
  21. Hi Everyone, I've been reading this forum for a long time now but just recently signed up and this is my first post. I've been a fan of high heels a long time and I've finally got it in my head that I want to buy a pair. I was thinking maybe it would be fun if you guys helped me pick out a pair to buy. The site I was looking at was http://www.shoefreaks.ca and was thinking of something with a 5" heel, I know, go big or go home right? I figure if I can earn to walk in those I'll be fine. Of course once you guys help me pick out a pair and I purchase them, I'll post photos so everyone can see them. Really looking forward to your suggestions and have a great day. -CH
  22. Been following the forum for a while now (which is awesome), but first time I've got around to posting. I've been heeling for a couple of years now and have started to amass a nice collection of everything from high heeled boots, through to stilettos and sandals. Public wearing is to a minimum currently due to the area Iive in (and when I have they have been well hidden), but I wear them privately every moment I can. I am always looking for something new however over the last year I have noticed a slightly annoying (and possibly worrying trend) in the UK. The seeming disappearance of UK size 9s (often my size, and the largest normally available). I have tended to go for quite a few pairs of Faith and Nine West shoes and boots over the last couple of years, often from Debenhams. However, since the start of the year the number available in size 9 has dropped notably and now it appears that both Faith and Nine West are no longer selling size 9 heels in the UK - on Debenhams or directly. Also the number of shoes in size 9 in general available from Debenhams is now far smaller, similarly in House of Fraser. Has anybody else noticed similar, and what the reasons for it could be? I have to say I'm slightly annoyed as I have found a lot of nice styles with them.
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