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Found 14 results

  1. After a round of research, I found the "Creating a Highheeled Woman" website that was mentioned around years ago. Here: http://web.archive.org/web/20070221191449/http://newagequest.com:80/hh/highheels.html In particular, this image intrigued me: I searched around and found that even the highest heels these days have an obtuse angle of over 90 degrees, even the "fetish" heels. Which leads to the question, does 90-degree angle arch heels exist anymore, and if so, are there even any for sale?
  2. I sell these beautiful fetish Black Leather platform tight high Boots size UK10 (EUR42-43) from the Spanish shoemaker website http://extremehighheels.net/es/. Heel height is 6 in (18 cms) and platform 1 3/4 in (4 cms). Lateral zip and back upper laces. Brand new. Hand made. Original price in website is 480 EUR Price is 350 EUR/ 400 USD (or best offer). I'll ship (discretely) anywhere in the world though shipment costs not included in the price. Paypal only
  3. I sell these Fetish White patent knee boots actual 7.5in (19.5 cms) heel with no platform, lateral zip and back laces, size EUR45 (US13), super pointed toe. Second hand but very little use (sole is almost new). They run big (up to one size more). Price is 80 EUR (or best offer). I'll ship (discretely) anywhere in the world though shipment costs not included in the price. Paypal only.
  4. Selling my shoes and boots collection. some prices shown are the price I paid for please enquire for price and size and shipping cost prices are negociable to sell MAKE ME AN OFFER Thank you
  5. Black Leather Thigh High Platform Boots w/ 7.5" heel made by Skyscrapers. I ordered these years ago, ordered a size 9UK, and they sent me a 9.5UK. I should've sent them back but didn't any they've been sitting in their box ever since. Boots are new as you can see. They are unworn and unmarked. Asking price is $180US / $225 AUS / €154 plus Shipping . I will only send registered, express or courier. Any questions, feel free to contact me
  6. I sell these Fetish Black patent Pumps actual 7.5in (19.5 cms) heel with no platform, ankle strap, size EUR44 (US12), super pointed toe. Second hand but very little use (sole is almost new). They run big (up to one size more). Price is 70 EUR (or best offer). I'll ship anywhere in the world though shipment costs not included in the price. Paypal only.
  7. Up for sale is a pair of lovely vintage fetish 6 3/4inch (approximately 7inch) high heel stiletto black patent court pumps with no platform size 41EU with a medium width. Size "41" marked on the sole is European size, which converts to a size 8UK or a 9UK, and a 11US or 12US. Shoes were tried by a person that wears size 7UK (with a foot length of 24.5cm) and there was a space of 1 1/2 to 2 fingers left behind at the back of the shoe (between the heel of the wearer and the back of the shoe). Hence will fit a 8UK to 9UK shoe size better than a 7UK . Brand is Foot Worship, made in Italy, and handmade from black patent leather with leather lining and real beige leather sole. The previous owner mentioned that they were purchased almost 40 year ago for a photo shoot, and have been sitting on a shelf collecting dust ever since. They took a fall during an earthquake in 1989 and now show a scuff or two, very superficial on right toe possibly be buffed out. Other than that they are LIKE NEW. Soles show no wear as they were only used on a carpeted floor. Very high quality compared to a pair of Louboutins but without the red sole. Price is $300 or best offer. Can ship to anywhere in the world. Shipment cost not included in price. Accept Paypal. Any questions are welcome. Please PM me.
  8. For sale a pair of Leathworks boots in patent black. I think these were made before they went bankrupt and are unmarked for a reseller, but the style is definitely Leatherworks. Awesome boots, and despite the 5.5" heel surprisingly easy to walk in. I'm selling them as they are a size too big for me and I'm clearing out the closets. €75 excluding shipping, which if memory serves me right is €25 signed and insured to the US. So less if inside the EU.
  9. For sale a pair of 5" gold heels from Italianheels. Brand new, unworn, because they didn't fit me and because they were custom I couldn't exchange them. Which is a shame because Italianheels makes gorgeous shoes with nice soft leather. €100 excluding shipping. Will ship anywhere using signed and insured shipping. Which is around €25 if to the US if memory serves me right.
  10. It's time to clear out the closet. So on offer a pair of ballet heel boots from Punitive Heels, the fetish brand of Italian Heels. Size EU44 and unfortunately a size too big for me. These ballet heels are probably the only ones not churned out cheaply by child laborers in China but are made with fine Italian leather in Italy. They feel really nice and having worn them once I can say that these are easier to stand and walk in then their Chinese counterparts from Pleaser and Kasiopeya. These cost like €300 new so €170 seems like a reasonable price to ask. €35 insured shipping to anywhere in the world, probably €10 cheaper for inside the EU. PM for the quickest reply as I don't check in on hhplace every day.
  11. Hi All, Anyone interested before they go on Ebay? Wardrobe clear our means my wife has 2 pairs of heels for sale as she can no longer wear them due to a knee injury. I will post pictures once she has taken some. 5 1/2 inch black patent high heels gold inside, beige sole, they may be London Shoe Company or Little Shoe Box or similar name she cant recall, no outdoor use, pet and smoke free home.Excellent condition. Size is marked as 5, but snug fit for wife who is a UK4/37 - Sensible offers 6 1/2 inch white patent metal Giaro Slick high heels with ankle strap, marked as UK5, no outdoor use as above in excellent condition - sensible offers
  12. Hi everyone, My girlfriend found out about my high heels fetish before I got the courage to tell her myself. She was confused and, naturally, was asking a lot of questions about why I like doing this, how I feel when I do it etc. She found pieces of text and videos I had posted on another website, describing and showing me (no face of course) locking my stiletto pumps on with chains and padlocks and feeling awesome in the idea of the keys being unavailable for some time or hidden away from the house, trapping me in my high heels until I decided to walk there myself and get them back in public. Yes, she was weirded out at first and confused as I said. Lately, I noticed how she's tried viewing these videos again and keeps teasing me about my stilettos and my little ventures outside playfully. She has even mentioned the word "keyholder" (in other contexts of course), a word she had never used before. She now seems more familiar and comfortable with the idea, especially as I explained that it is just a fetish and doesn't say anything about my sexual preferences as I am straight and love her to bits. Now on to my question. In this online material that I had uploaded, I made a few references to a pouch of keys, where I keep all these keys that unlock my stiletto padlocks. I am absolutely positive that she read that bit so she knows about this pouch. So, about a week after all this, I set up a little "bait". Since we live together, I put the pouch with these keys (which was previously well-hidden) in the storage room in our house, a room that we use at least once a day normally. I put it on a shelf, among other things but it was clearly visible and probably the first thing you would see as you walked into this tiny room. I left it sitting there for 2 days hoping she'd notice it and co-relate the image of a pouch with what she's read in these stories of mine and possibly do something with it, i,e, take it with her two days later, when she's be going to work and I would be at home or hiding it somewhere so I couldn't find it. It didn't happen this way, the pouch was still there, where I had placed it, and she hasn't mentioned anything either, although she's still receptive to it or so it seems. I don't want to push her into it obviously but, seeing how she's been OK with it for a while / making jokes about it, I would like to see if she'd be willing to play out this fantasy with me, keeping the keys when I am wearing my locked stilettos and teasing me or secretly hiding the keys so I would go ahead and trap myself in the stilettos, not knowing that the keys are no longer where I put them when she's away. That's how I do it lately, I manage not to check if the pouch is still there for a few days, then when she's i.e. at work, I simply lock my high heels on and see if the keys are there later. So, any ideas on how I could go about doing this (preferably in a non-verbal symbolic way , as mentioned above, would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  13. Hey everyone. I'm new to this site and thought I would introduce myself and say hi. I'm a male in my mid thirties and have always been fascinated with heels since I can remember. I love the look and power they convey. I love shopping for them and gifting pairs in relationships. I was a bit embarrassed about this fetish till my late 20's. I then found some groups online and saw it wasn't so uncommon. I then decided I would only be in relationships with women that shared my passion and understood. I then started putting it out there up front and to my surprise every woman I have told has loved it. They love getting shoes as gifts, and wearing them out and in the bedroom. It has built special bonds and especially in my current relationship. I have bought her over 50 pairs in the last three years and our collection is growing all the time. anyways, I just thought I'd say hey to all you heel lovers out there and hope to make some new friends.
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