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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, I have for sale 2 brand new pairs of very high quality Hand Made Italian Crotch boots. These boots are to die for (so to speak). They are absolutely stunning and really are a piece of art. I have a pair myself which I wear regularly and of all the boots I own nothing so far comes close to the quality and craftsmanship of these boots. They measure 36inches in length from the bottom to top so are true crotch boots, the pencil heel really draws you in and is very sturdy to walk with and measures 6.5inches. There is also a hidden platform of 2inches making the boots a very wearable 4.5inch heel arch. The colour of the boots in a very dark brown. Beside my own pair which are not for sale I have 2 brand new pairs one in a UK7 (EU40) and also a pair of UK8 (EU42). They are made of leather and man made stretch material. The boots come in a beautiful tissue lined box, with dustbag and spare heel tips. Honestly, you will find it hard to wear anything that will make you feel sexier than these and the boutique price is over 1700 Euro. I'm looking for overs in the region of £350 + PP so please get in touch if you'd like to know more.
  2. Hi All, I have for sale a beautiful pair of Handmade Italian Crotch boots UK7, brand new and never been worn as I have my own pair in my size. These boots are 100% Handmade in Italy by master craftsmen and women. They are part real leather, part rubber. All materials used are of exceptional quality. Included are spare heel tips and a dust bag. Each boot is carefully wrapped in a clear bag inside a tissue lined box. They feel sensational to wear, owning a similar pair myself. A real delight to wear and although they have a 7inch pencil thin heel it feels extremely sturdy. Some basic facts: Heel height - 7 inches Total Length from bottom of heel to top - 37 inches Circumference of the top of boot - 21 inches (roughly) Platform Height - 1.75 inches No doubt these boots are a real turn on - not only for the wearer but for those around. You will turn heads in these boots, not only for them being crotch high and the heel height/arch but for the shear quality of these boots! These boots retail at over £1,400 so grab yourself a real bargain as I'm willing to let these go for only £249 inc postage.
  3. Hi all, Finally got some proper pics taken of my handmade Italian super high boots. Wow do they feel amazing. Sliding your leg down a boot shaft of 36+ inches to finally reveal your foot from the small zipper, tucking your foot inside the sole then once zipped standing for the first time in such beautiful footwear, then the task of pulling that massive length all the way up so they hug your crotch...wow indeed! At first standing and walking was a little tough as I normally have a 4 inch difference, even in my other 7 inch heels as they have a 3 inch platform where as these have a 4.5 inch difference. Once you get used to them they feel like part of your leg and the very sturdy pencil heel is great. Welcome any comments, happy heeling!
  4. I'd like to say hi to everyone in HH Place and say I'm very excited to become part of this community. I'm a Male from UK and have had a real love for heels for around 20 years. For me it all started when I was about 16/17, I remember doing something in my parents garage and I found a bag of old shoes my Mum had put there. I tried a pair on, only little heels I think but something sparked and never looked back....lol I now have about 10 pairs, from a wonderful pair of original Topshop Barley leather thigh boots bought brand new to my latest 1969 Crotch boots with a 7 inch heel sporting a 3 inch platform. I am married yes, my wife knows how much of a fetish I have for heels and after some recent 'buying and selling' activity in which I used the reason that I was buying the boots at a low price then selling them at a higher price (which has actually been true) I've been able to bring my love for high heels into a small business and also had my wife try a few on and fall in love with a few which is great too . She has also kept one pair and wears them when I take her out somewhere nice, which I absolutely love he he! She does know I have worn high heels, but she does not know the extent of my collection, nor do I think she knows I still do. It's something that is just not talked about as I'm sure it is with many. Anyway, just a little about me, hope to get to know many over time.
  5. UKboots

    New boots

    Hi All, Thought I'd share my new Handmade in Italy Crotch boots, they are amazing, hope you all like
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