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  1. Posh Josh Harrington and his girlfriend had just come back from a 2 week holiday in Barbados, so the cloudy but mild London weather was a shock after the 30 degree heat, as was the need to wear jumpers and coats. With some unpacking still to be done his luxury riverside apartment, owned by his parents was a little more untidy than normal. The couple had just finished in bed and all the passion and energy expended between the sheets had made them hungry. The 20 year old ex public school boy and his attractive 19 year old blonde girlfriend Lucy had enjoyed padding around in flip flops and barefeet most the time on holiday, so for Josh preparing to go out for lunch, putting on a buttoned up shirt and his favourite pair of cowboy boots felt a bit of a culture shock. 'Babe's, are we going far,.just wondering if you want me in heels to or not ?" Lucy enquired of her boyfriend, as she grasped a pair of louboutin clos noued high heeled sandals in her hands. She wanted to look hot for him of course but didn't want to wear these sandals if she was going to be standing around or walking too much. "Yah, of course babe. ...I want you to look hot hey!?" Josh responded. 'Was just thinking of somewhere here by the marina for lunch sweetie? " Josh replied in his refined accent. The couple had only been dating for a couple of weeks before the holiday and weren't yet totally exclusive. Lucy teeteted into the master bedroom where her boyfriend was getting dressed.He had already put on a black roll neck sweater, a pair of designer jeans with a thick belt and was now slipping his feet into a pair of tan, western boots with high heels. (Tan, cowboy boots with 3.5 inch heels) Lucy noticed they were calf high cowboy styled ones. Josh had several pairs like these. This particular pair had been bought for him by an ex girlfriend from R Soles store in the kings Road, London for his 20th birthday. 'Hey ...I havent seen you in those before baby.They look cool......heels really suit you! " She said Josh enjoyed wearing cuban heels when around girls, as they made him seem taller and more confident. He enjoyed his reputation as a ladies man and in his immature mind successful men of that type usually wore boots with a heel. This particular pair had subtle 4 inch heels, usually partly hidden by boot cut jeans. This meant his feet were angled down sharply when wearing them, making him strut and swagger a bit like a girl in stilettos when walking. "How are they to walk in?" Lucy teased. (A picture of Joshs patent leather cowboy boots with 4 inch heels) "Oh... fine baby. Just a pair of normal boots hey ?" The 20 year old replied evasively, being vain and proud. 'Your heels are as high as a girls stiletto though......don't your feet ache in them on a night out? " Lucy asked. "Umm...A bit . I tend to wear these when dating or going to a restaurant. The tan...cowboy boots i wear for clubbing. " he clarified helpfully. Lucy being from a wealthy family didn't mind that and was used to arrogant lovers and family members alike. She didnt mind boyfriends wearing cowboy boots providing done fashionably. "I love a man in those actually...They look so hot!" She continued. Encouraged, Josh asked " Oh, what do you like about them honey?" "The smell of the patent leather, the way they make a guy walk with a kind of swagger...its also usually a guy that's good in bed in my experience. Josh was nodding appreciatively, he definitely saw himself as a ladies man and was proud of his sexual prowess. Lucy continued. "Right so walk in those now for me now baby.........on you go!" she pestered. Doing as he was told, Josh angled and clicked one of his stacked cuban heels on the bedroom flooring and strutted back and forth . The 4 inch heels had the effect of tighteningh his thighs as he moved, and as Lucy had said making his walk bit sexier "Hmm. ..cool!" Purred Lucy seductivley. 'You need to straighten those though honey' she pointed out, pulling the bottoms of his boot cut jeans over her boyfriend's heels. Since his late teens, Josh had often worn a pair of cowboy or western boots when dating or socialising. He was of the view that the girls he dated loved them. As he put on his herring bone coat and made his way to the doorway of his flat, it was with more of a strut than the average guy in flat boots or shoes. Some said this made him look arrogant but Lucy knew that any guy wearing similar heels do make you strut and swagger a bit more. As the good looking, young couple left to go to the wine bar, both their heels click clacked on the pavements, although at a different rhythm. Lucys 5 inch louboutin sandals made a light sound as she teetered in small steps. Her boyfriend's thick Cuban soles a sturdier sound.
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