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Found 31 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I've been reading this forum for a long time now but just recently signed up and this is my first post. I've been a fan of high heels a long time and I've finally got it in my head that I want to buy a pair. I was thinking maybe it would be fun if you guys helped me pick out a pair to buy. The site I was looking at was http://www.shoefreaks.ca and was thinking of something with a 5" heel, I know, go big or go home right? I figure if I can earn to walk in those I'll be fine. Of course once you guys help me pick out a pair and I purchase them, I'll post photos so everyone can see them. Really looking forward to your suggestions and have a great day. -CH
  2. Been following the forum for a while now (which is awesome), but first time I've got around to posting. I've been heeling for a couple of years now and have started to amass a nice collection of everything from high heeled boots, through to stilettos and sandals. Public wearing is to a minimum currently due to the area Iive in (and when I have they have been well hidden), but I wear them privately every moment I can. I am always looking for something new however over the last year I have noticed a slightly annoying (and possibly worrying trend) in the UK. The seeming disappearance of UK size 9s (often my size, and the largest normally available). I have tended to go for quite a few pairs of Faith and Nine West shoes and boots over the last couple of years, often from Debenhams. However, since the start of the year the number available in size 9 has dropped notably and now it appears that both Faith and Nine West are no longer selling size 9 heels in the UK - on Debenhams or directly. Also the number of shoes in size 9 in general available from Debenhams is now far smaller, similarly in House of Fraser. Has anybody else noticed similar, and what the reasons for it could be? I have to say I'm slightly annoyed as I have found a lot of nice styles with them.
  3. I just have a question for you all as far as your significant others' knowing about your shoe obsession or fetish. When you all have a moment together going out in your attires, is it classified as going out as friends or in a relationship. The reason I ask is because I ran into this issue Sunday. We go out to eat I'm wearing heels and so is she, I try to hold the door for her but she doesn't want me to do that. Could not take any pictures with her of her. Basically the whole day was classified as my day and not us spending it together. She says that when I'm wearing the outfits and shoes and stuff then we are not to be considered In a relationship. It just kind of bugs me that I have to separate the too. Just kind of makes me question if my wife supports my love for shoes or just tolerates it. I just know that I think I'm going to stop sharing that side of me to her and find some other outlet (not cheating) but i just wish I had other friends that would be as supportive. How are things considered in your relationships.
  4. Hi everyone, My girlfriend found out about my high heels fetish before I got the courage to tell her myself. She was confused and, naturally, was asking a lot of questions about why I like doing this, how I feel when I do it etc. She found pieces of text and videos I had posted on another website, describing and showing me (no face of course) locking my stiletto pumps on with chains and padlocks and feeling awesome in the idea of the keys being unavailable for some time or hidden away from the house, trapping me in my high heels until I decided to walk there myself and get them back in public. Yes, she was weirded out at first and confused as I said. Lately, I noticed how she's tried viewing these videos again and keeps teasing me about my stilettos and my little ventures outside playfully. She has even mentioned the word "keyholder" (in other contexts of course), a word she had never used before. She now seems more familiar and comfortable with the idea, especially as I explained that it is just a fetish and doesn't say anything about my sexual preferences as I am straight and love her to bits. Now on to my question. In this online material that I had uploaded, I made a few references to a pouch of keys, where I keep all these keys that unlock my stiletto padlocks. I am absolutely positive that she read that bit so she knows about this pouch. So, about a week after all this, I set up a little "bait". Since we live together, I put the pouch with these keys (which was previously well-hidden) in the storage room in our house, a room that we use at least once a day normally. I put it on a shelf, among other things but it was clearly visible and probably the first thing you would see as you walked into this tiny room. I left it sitting there for 2 days hoping she'd notice it and co-relate the image of a pouch with what she's read in these stories of mine and possibly do something with it, i,e, take it with her two days later, when she's be going to work and I would be at home or hiding it somewhere so I couldn't find it. It didn't happen this way, the pouch was still there, where I had placed it, and she hasn't mentioned anything either, although she's still receptive to it or so it seems. I don't want to push her into it obviously but, seeing how she's been OK with it for a while / making jokes about it, I would like to see if she'd be willing to play out this fantasy with me, keeping the keys when I am wearing my locked stilettos and teasing me or secretly hiding the keys so I would go ahead and trap myself in the stilettos, not knowing that the keys are no longer where I put them when she's away. That's how I do it lately, I manage not to check if the pouch is still there for a few days, then when she's i.e. at work, I simply lock my high heels on and see if the keys are there later. So, any ideas on how I could go about doing this (preferably in a non-verbal symbolic way , as mentioned above, would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Found this site for designer heels. I think it is UK based as there are some amazon UK adds. http://www.designerheelsonline.com/ Doesn't seem to be much contact info.
  6. Hi Just a couple of pics of my new heels, a pair of black leather pumps and a pair of strappy gold leateher heels with leather sole. Please let me know what you think.
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