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  1. WOW, the mister has got gams and beautiful heels! He could be a shoe model!

  2. A woman at the grocery store a few minutes ago was wearing perfect black leather pumps and jeans. I just wish I could 1. take a picture ( I always have my camera 2. ask her if she knows how drop dead beautiful they are!

  3. I don't know all the rules and I'm not looking to get in any trouble but just wanted to say I like your maryjanes picture.

  4. Could you pull up the pant leg a bit on picture #24. Like to see the strap please!

  5. My wife pointed out to me that heels were invented by men for women. I told her that we should have kept them to ourselves!
  6. Almost 12 hours in my 3" maryjanes. Over a total of 77 hours in 3 weeks.
  7. Picture of the mary janes is WOW! My wife says I can't wear them out but had no objection to me driving in them. I hope to participate in at least one Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event this spring.
  8. I put Vaseline on my toes and between. If applied under the toes it can cause a scrunching noise when you walk. Soon I'll be moving to 4" heels. I tried 5" in the past and they cause cause ankle pain but I know devotion is key in reaching that goal.
  9. There are two kinds of points: The old fashioned point and the newer "witch" point elongated outward. I prefer the original old fashioned point. Heels made for men could have a more dramatic point because of the shoe being wider at the bottom where the point begins.
  10. I'm mid 50s. If someone had told me 30 years ago that lovemaking would feel even better now than 20-30 years ago I'd think they were crazy. Now that I'm wearing my heels every day at home I'm as happy as a pig in fresh mud. I really hate to take them off even on the day I wore them almost 12 hours. In less than 2 weeks I've worn them over 60 hours and drove in them twice. I kept a pair of Nikes in the car close at hand just in case and hope to heck I could have unbuckled my straps and put them on quickly if needed.
  11. I'm on your side, pumps are best.

  12. Go to the part of town that has several thrift stores. If you don't have a car I guess you are on the bus. If you wear a man's 9 then buy a woman's size 10 unless you have very wide feet then go a little bigger. They will put you purchase in a bag.
  13. My first outing will be on one of the Walk a Mile in Her shoes walks this spring. I've been wearing mine in the house now for 11 hours. My wife is fairly adjusted to it now. I told her at first it was a bit difficult. She told me it just takes time. SO ... practice I must!
  14. To N H heels Love your points!!!!! Once on the computer I found some guy that wore perfect pointed toe spike heel boots in some small town. Can't find it again. I prefer the ones without the seam down the middle of the toe but that was one fad that lasted a long time.
  15. HI; I'm new and happy to find a place for us who love one of the most beautiful man made items in the world. I have been in my heels for 9 & 1/2 hours so far today. Many times my toes have requested release but I haven't given in. The strap across the top prevents an easy escape. My wife has been watching for several days as I log the hours. If anyone wants to hear the details I'd be glad to tell all.

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