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  1. The problem with most consumers is the only thing they look at is price. This results in our suppliers being hyper price conscious. Quality ceases to be the factor it once was. Manufacturers know this and design with the just good enough motive in mind and as a result the quality consumer products you used to buy are no more.

  2. My main reason for starting this discussion was to find a pair of ballet boots that would keep the foot of a dance trained sub in the enpointe position and not let her have the heels to balance on. I also wanted a pair for myself for bondage purposes. EBear_ca

  3. I am fully aware of the problems of constructing these special shoes and that is why I need them to be custom made. Just removing the heel does not address the purpose I am trying to accomplish. JimC hit the nail on the head when he mentioned the 45 degree angle. I am trying for a true enpointe position which will require the greater arch. I can stand for a short while in standard pointe shoes of which I have two pairs. I just find it hard to maintain the arch for any period of time, hence the pointe style ankle boots to force the position.

  4. I am looking for a manufacturer of ballet heels who is willing to custom make a pair without the heels. The ankle or knee boot would require a greater arch more like that of a pointe shoe moving the toe box more under the natural centre of gravity. Does anyone know of someone still in the business who could help me achive my goal. The cobbler at qualifetish said he would be able to but he has since passed away.

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