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On 7/11/2018 at 6:56 PM, Shyheels said:

Maybe you need to find another gym.

Has your therapist suggested this?


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On 7/12/2018 at 3:10 AM, HappyinHeels said:


IF you are ignoring the people who are staring and smirking then how are you able to provide such vivid recollections of their reactions? While I do not think you are "projecting yourself" onto them I am nevertheless convinced you derive tangible satisfaction in messing with their heads. The sheer amount of detail in your posts tells me you are not ignoring them rather observing them the way a prudent journalist would observe the world and document what was seen and heard. I mean if you really thought someone were laughing at you then I would be inclined to give them the Joe Pesci treatment. "Am I funny to you? Am I a fu.....ing clown here to amuse you?" Now that will reset the table for sure. Maybe not your cup of tea. But at least you would know and the would-be detractor would know exactly where you stand. Life is really short and is best enjoyed when people respect each other. If not then you bulldoze them out of your way either by actually ignoring them or engaging them. They might never smirk at anyone else again. You either enable the bully or educate the bully. If pink is the color and the gym is the venue then all who see you should know you belong there as much as anyone else. Don't ever forget that. HappyinHeels

Sometimes i focus on my workout having tunnel vision looking upon the ground. While majority of the time i look subtly with the gym mirrors observing others without them knowing it. So in fact i seemingly ignore others to there knowledge but secretly recognize my surrounding and people in it. Added to the fact i'm regular gym rat i often see the same faces time after time. Observing there reactions or chatter with others and clothes they like to wear. 

As for deriving tangible satisfaction in messing with there heads... If woman are so narrow minded or bigoted then they do it onto themselves with my treatment towards them. Never do i believe you can win people over by confronting them. 

Life appears to be a series of social issues strung out to cause discomfort amongst unlike minded individuals, all of which requires their expressing their disapproval/disputation in the most expressive and easily interpreted ways.

So i just do my thing in the gym if some woman who is self conscious of her body which many are decide to look me over. Later feel despondent wishing to have legs such as mine comparing themselves to me in the mirror as i workout next to them isn't my problem. If that messes up there minds so be it.

Seen today the fat quad leg asian gal who i described in earlier post that glazed her eyes on me while she sat later stood at leg press machine. At the time i thought she was observing my leggings or pink tank top. In fact i learned today from her stare down onto me again. She was observing my curved physique outline  buttocks legs in my leggings i was wearing. As of today seen her finishing up some stretching noticed me then began to turn facing as i walked passing her. She gave me the full look over, mostly seen her focus on my backside and legs. Suppose she was fixated onto my buttocks like the  other day as many woman are working out there legs comparing themselves to others. 

Just like i seen today at the gym asian couple walked in with me all of us dressed in street clothes. never seen them before. Later in the gym the woman was wearing pink tank top and black leggings. I noticed her across the gym but she was busy working out with her boyfriend. Until she paused to rest looked upon across the gym noticing me. She had this confused brow expression, hands on hips, as if she was thinking, what the heck is he wearing... As her boyfriend took her away from staring upon me, heard him laugh to her saying, ever see someone look like that before?.. She said, you mean what he is wearing..? His response, yah with snorting giggle. She mumbled something never in my life...incoherent words........

Later as i got closer to her working out she seemed stoic minding her business only observed me closely as i initially walked by setting up my next exercise. She then stared straight ahead virtually ignoring me then abruptly left the gym floor with her boyfriend. Observed her body as she went to get a drink of water unnoticed i seen her backside in leggings. For many woman it would feel awkward to be wearing leggings with flat buttocks as she was showing. 


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If your way of interaction is mostly working for you then keep the faith and your focus. You'll never see me in a gym. Never was my cup of tea. I substituted gym for a swimming routine when I was young as our school was one of the few which had an Olympic-size pool. Today I do all my own yardwork and landscape projects no matter the temperature or humidity. It works for me and I don't have any trees giving me a death stare.

As for you not believing confronting people will win them over I would point out some examples from history. If a black seamstress had not confronted the oppression around her when she would not move to the back of a nearly empty bus on 01 Dec 1955 the world never would have heard of Rosa Parks. If a small group of mothers had not gathered every week in Buenos Aires the world may never have known the scope of the dirty war in Argentina in the 1970's which eventually led to the downfall of a military regime. If those who followed every lead, travelled any distance, and turned over every stone had not done so the world may not have had a complete account of the atrocities of Nazi Germany. There is a reason they follow the mantra "Never Again". Confrontation hastened the fall of the Berlin Wall and the demise of apartheid in South Africa. Confrontation definitely shaped the United States as it did many of the nations of the Americas. On the individual level one succeeds when he/she has the confidence to confront the fears which have kept them back before. Each time one of our members steps out for the first time they have, in fact, confronted their fears and declared their independence. I believe without confrontation that confidence has a harder time growing. We do not appreciate things quite as much unless some struggle is involved. History can be such a teacher if only we humans take our heads out of the sand, or simply put down the phone, and open our senses to its lessons.  You can ignore for so long but one day you could return the stare. It tells the other person you are onto them and they may well quit going to that gym or stop staring at you. Keep your head up and your outfits as pink as you want them.  HappyinHeels


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I say HappyinHeels speaks the truth.

Nethertheless MackyHeels may not be prepared for it yet, as it is harder to hear than keep his business as usual.

You can compare it with smoking. Some persons can only keep on with it. Among them some will eternally regret their cowardice, and others will accept their fate and won't complain on web forums.

Edited by Gudulitooo

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