Garter belt -- help!

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Please help me find a garter belt that I can use!

I just bought this, a cheap one:


See photo;

This is kind of usefull, but not --the fasteners to the stockings are too small and impossible to operate for me

second, the clasps on the part that attaches to the stocking are loose, they will fall off when you are fiddling with this :-((


I need something more substantial, with really good clasps, anyone?


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OldMountain:  Give Salems Boutique a call in New York, City . Perhaps they can help you.  I had to wear a garter belt

with these hose for this picture. The belt is a good one and I have had it for years.    spikesmike



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As a fan of retro fully fashioned stockings I tend to favour old school classic suspender belts (UK terminology) or garter belts. Personal preference is an 8 strap model with nice wide straps/metal clasps..... nice and secure and able to keep those seams straight. 

Purchased a few from here in the past. Plenty of models ranging from 6 to 14 adjustable straps!!



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