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High heels in Argentina

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I was in Buenos Aires recently for a few days.There were a lot of women wearing very chunky platform sandals, often with minimal rise at the heel (flatforms) though with some up to 5" heel. 2" platforms were commonplace with some up to 3". Shoe shops were full of similar footwear. Very few stilettos or other more elegant high heels except for the dancers at a tango show.

Since the temperature was 25 to 30 degrees celsius, sometimes even higher and mostly very humid, it's hardly surprising there were no boots to be seen.

Didn't see any men in heels except for some 2" heel cowboy style footwear in a tango show.

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Your comments brought back some memories.  Way back in 1996, I visited Argentina for 5 weeks on business.  It was that trip that, for lack of a better term, got me "hooked" on high heels.  In Buenos Aires and the rest of the country there were women all over wearing really stylish and beautiful heels - mostly sandals.  The women I was traveling with took note of the local gals heels and were always making comments about the shoes and heels that the Argentine women were wearing.  Some of the gals I was with even bought shoes and showed them off to the rest of the group.  I don't know it it was the "grass is greener" syndrome, but I really had not noticed high heels - particularly sandals - that much here in the United States.  

When I returned to the U. S. I was out shoe shopping one day - for flats, as usual - when I came upon a nice looking pair of thong heels in my size.  I tried them on, they fit, felt and looked really nice.  I bought them, and that began my heeling "life."  Fortunately the wife was OK with me heels, I have since worn heeled sandals often and now have quite a collection. I blame it all on Argentina - ha ha.....    

Thanks for the memory.....   Take care....   sf

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