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After purchasing a lovely pair of peeptoe boots and then discovering the heels were half inch too short I decided to see if thicker heel tips were available.  
My investigations did not come up with anything.
Now if my peeptoes were stiletto heels I concluded that I could easily fix the problem as long as I fitted steel tips.
All I would need to do is purchase the correct size steel tips and build the tip up with a welder to the desired height then grind it to shape before fitting into the heel.
Its a shame I could not find steel tips for block heels.  The size of my peeptoe heel tips are 30 x 35mm. Im wondering if i could make a heel tip from scratch

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While I can see where you are going, it appears from your comments that repairing this pair of heels is turning out to be more of a chore than you envisioned.  So why not put them in a closet and replace them with a pair that fits you as well and requires no altering. But, I would definitely try them on before paying for them to insure they fit properly and are without construction problems.

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