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Wife Out Wearing 7 Inch Heeless Wedges

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my wife bought a pair of 7 inch heeless silver wedges at the mirage hotel in las vegas. they were marked down to15.99 so she bought them. when I got back to the hotel and she showed them to me I was like how can anyone walk in these. she wears 5 to 6 inch platform pumps all the time but these looked crazy. well she says she was going to try them on Saturday night. she wore them and she had no problem at all. they look like you could fall backwards but she did great. she had a dress on and I will have to say she had a lot of girls approach her saying they looked great and how was it to walk in those. actually that night we saw 2 other girls with those type also. has anyone else tried wearing these 7 inch type and how did you feel wearing them? the silver ones she bought were really hot looking

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