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  1. Happy belated birthday Jo x

  2. hi my email is jasonhall1972@googlemail.com email me if u like will show u my oh so cute heels

  3. Hi live in midlands and just love wearing six inch heels with wet look leggings do u want my email

  4. Hi Thats very kind of you to comment and I am flattered. Mandy xx

  5. Thanks! How you doing?

  6. I know, i wish the designers such as Christian louboutin and jimmy choo would increase their sizing to 42! It would cost me a fortune but would be worth every penny. What heels are you into??

  7. That's a pity because they are stunning.

  8. If only, they are Christian Louboutins which sadly don't come in sizes above 41 and I need at least a 42.

  9. Thanks. I had a bit of trouble taking the photo as I dont have a long mirror. I had to set the camera on the timer and try to get in the right position.

  10. KinkyB


    I think it's something to do with how many posts you have made, not sure how many before it changes to bronze member.
  11. KinkyB


    You may not be able to post one yet as you're still classed as a new user. If you could then there is an eidt avatar link on your user cp.
  12. thats a shame would love to meet especially if you were wearing those boots mmm

  13. KinkyB

    hi from Wales

    Welcome Stacey. Have you tried the usual shoe repair shops? Hope you enjoy the site
  14. KinkyB

    Faith shoes

    I am a UK8 but easily fitted into a piar of UK7 knee boots I bought last year. They are very comfy and would deffiniately buy more from there.
  15. KinkyB

    Shopping for heels: try them on?

    I bought a pair of boots for my ex wife a couple of years ago from next......the woman asked if I want to try them on jokingly......I so nearly said yes but do you have them in an 8..........wish I had now.....

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