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  1. ljhh

    I love your boots, have a pair of black suede boots with similar heels.

  2. aDDe

    Who has bought some new shoes

    i Bought some new shoes yesterday, 12 cm heel and they has good fit, and they are very nice looking
  3. Love the boots in the Avatar

  4. Hi peter, have u deleted your album? then why? Im just about to start a new album myself so i uess at the time u see this u can look at it if u wanna :P hope u like it :)

  5. thanks for your comments:) don't hesitate and make an album :P

  6. aDDe

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Nice boots, Any chance you remember where you bought them or what brand they are? looking a new pair of boots myself.
  7. Hi Peter1! Great to hear that you like my blog. Good that you like My boots to, its My favorite pair acually :D

  8. Great blog aDDe, I'm a young guy who recently start wearing heels like you!I like your boots in your avatar!thanks

  9. aDDe

    Have you ever worn a female relatives heels...

    Yes. When i was Young we had alot of old clothes (male and female, they where probably from My mom and dad) and high heels that we could play with. And i remember a dress with pink polka dots and a pair of white heels that i use to wear most times (and some of the Times i didn't change back to My normal clothes cuz i liked the ones i had on me more). Maybe it started there but i just didn't realise it untill a few year ago!
  10. aDDe


    Hehe ok, rly no comments? have you weared your heels outside much? i mean stockholm is crowded with ppl ;D and younger ppl, (ppl at my age) are pretty prejudice, Atleast where i grew up.. so that is one thing that makes me even more scared to do this...We could start emailing, and u could tell me a little bit more about your experience of heeling in sweden(for starter, meeting up is a little bit much for me ) Btw im from Falun.
  11. aDDe


    I can't rly say that this site has helped me YET! i know it will in the future. Everytime i read a new thread about someone that have weared their heels outside for the first time ( or any other time for that matter) i get pretty jealous on that person an thinks, Someday that will be me, it sounds rly nice to wear them outside, especially for the first time. that day will come for me! the question is just when? But when it does i sure will let u know that ive done it, and once ive done it i probably won't stop
  12. aDDe

    IQ poll

    all my iq tests has ended up between 109-113 so i guess it's ok, but i feel like i has about 80-90
  13. Im 19 (as u can see at my post info..) not too many ppl that voted "under 20" tough it feels a little bit good, i hope more at my age will vote so i can feel more comfortable with my interest to heels at lower age =)
  14. aDDe

    Height or Style?

    For me style comes first, i acuallty like the "lower" heels, like 5-8cm height =) tough i might like higher more later in life, who knows
  15. Hi. Im new to this forum and i hope i will have a great time, I probably won't post so much. Ive been checking this forum out many times before but since its so restricten when not registerd i signed up =) howerver the first acc i made was removed.. but now it works =).. I live in sweden and are a huge fan of heels. Im a student in a town called falun.. And more then heels my interest are computers and friends.. So hello again from sweden ^^ //Andreas

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