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  1. We are only six weeks away from what is beginning to shape up as a fun, well attended High Heel/Boot Meet in Toronto; Friday and Saturday September 10 & 11, 2010. See "Real Life Meetings thread, Toronto, ON Heel Meet Sept 10/11, 2010" for all the details. Hope to see many many of the North America members there! David

  2. i love 4 and 5" heels , i want chunky hh boot platform black. 7 or 8" with a 2" platform.... mmmm
  3. i have a pair of boots 4 3/4" chunky heels all black , so nice to wear , they come up just under my knee. i love them. i did wear them outside at night around my home. thats it. bill
  4. Stiletto heels all the way ... i just love the look
  5. it can be a hard line to cross , i did it once and it was great ... and next girl fliped out on me and left .... make sure it do it slowly
  6. i would love that job...... my dream job .... but i might speand my pay on hh.... lol
  7. wow , i love to drive in heels , its great!!!
  8. hey justa wuestion is there a way to look up thing??

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