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  1. Looks like the heel got clipped, like having a door close on it while getting in a car. You might be able to take of the heel tip and put a rod (wood dowel) and then fill with some thing. but you need to do it to the other heel too so they feel the same when walking.
  2. Warning...don't try this with stilettos.
  3. Attempted murder. She's hiding the knife behind her back and trying to distract the victim with her legs.
  4. It happens and there is nothing you can do about it. My ankles were so bad that I could turn my ankle and go down over the smallest of pebbles in runners. Three ankle reconstructions fixed my issues, but I have fallen since on a cobble stone type walkway in heels.
  5. The Australian Olympic team already had a trans member. And some might argue that for years the Russian female team had too high of levels of testosterone.
  6. Cali

    Cali World

    I got a wild look the other day from a passing car while loading sacks of concrete into my SUV in my 4 inch wedges. I've been getting those long looks and stares lately were you know they are going to talk about you as soon as you leave the area. At least they now have something to talk about.
  7. Don, you already drive boats. An Eldorado is just a fat boat with wheels.
  8. I like to go bare leg when in sandals, especially since I'm in short shorts most of the time. Stockings and shorts would look too 1970ish. Booties and boots are worn with socks. My legs have barely any visible hair now due to old age and years of waxing/taping. I also wear a lot of leggings and skinny jeans.
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