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    Love Shopping for clothes Online and browse in stores in my spare time. Wearing clothes that woman would die for with envy.

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  1. Just finished some late shopping. Didn't find anything exciting at Saks but Marshalls had some jeans and sweatshirt from a brand I'm crazy for.  Many here write about a shoe addiction buying to many. Well I do exactly that with designer jeans. 

    Picture shows a matching brand sweatshirt jeans and yes my block heel booties. 

    Had no problem walking in my booties as earlier in the week, guess I needed to get use to it. Maybe the temperature drop help stretch the leather booties out more. 

    Expected some reactions with my ultra dark legging skinny jeans I wore browsing the store isle. Nothing negative was said that I heard, on one occasion couple passed by and the woman laughed.  Most people seem not to notice until I was in line. Did see the guys behind me in the video screen camera feed staring and the female cashier assuredly knew what I was wearing when I walked over to the counter. The cashier had a smirky smile which I noticed concluded from viewing me shop earlier on the floor across her cashier desk in the denim section.  

    Observing myself in the store mirrors which I passed several was shocking how i outfitted myself. If I seen someone dressed like me same body type lean legs I would conclude it's a skinny fit woman. Then have to double take noticing it's actually a man.  So I can understand people smirking or laughing when they notice. 

    Almost wanted to take a picture of myself in front of the store mirror or video as I walk. Just felt it would look to vain pulling out my phone and attract attention more then it should. Observing myself as I walked passed a few well lit store mirrors I was shocked with slight grin how feminine my legs looked in those tight legging jeans and bootie heels I appeared. If I shocked myself how I appeared in the store can't imagine what the female employee thought. 







    1. CAT


      You and your outfit look awesome.  Who cares what others think.  God knows I don't . 

    2. Peter1


      Awesome looking outfit ! As CAT says the most important thing is that you are pleased with your look !