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  1. Well I went to a DR. It turns out my left leg is getting a very slight bow in it. He looked at my legs and said your left leg is becoming bowed. He said at my age there is not much that can be done to correct it. I never said anything about highheels to him. So I guess I am stuck with lower heels .
  2. I guess i have nothing to loose by doing what you all say. Maybe it is the heel hight that is the problem. I will find a lower heel and see how that go's.
  3. I have been trying to get used to the shoes I bought. I bought another pair but they just did not fit. I had to send them back. But anyway, My right foot seems just fine in the shoe. I am over the soreness from begining to wear heels. My left foot is not as strong as my right one and I just can't walk very far because of my left foot not being able to handle the high heel. My foot starts to hurt right away. I notice also that I tend to lean out a little with my left foot. I am not putting it flat on the floor when I have the heels on. With bare feet I have no problem. Should I see a foot Dr ?
  4. It is getting better but it is going slow. I had to back off with the heels for a week but I had a chance to put them back on and I was able to stand on my weak side longer then before.
  5. I am the same way. I thought I was bad but never that bad in heels. I feel there pain when I see one of those videos.
  6. You would think when in heels you want to look gracefull . When I see them walking like they are on a mission of some kind to me it takes away the purpus of having heels on in the first place.
  7. I guess that it all makes sense. They just make it look so easy.
  8. I have been getting used to the shoes I bought .Wear them every other day around the house for 2 hrs. I am much better but not ready to go out in public. When I do my challenge will be to go out to a nice place for dinnerwith only my heels.. If I bring my regular shoes I might change my mind.
  9. I know my steps will be shorter when in heels. But I see so many women walking so fast and taking very large steps. I just do not see how they do it. My steps are half the lenth then when I have flat shoes on.
  10. Thanks I will try them. What do you think of the stores in the International Mall ?
  11. A few hundred ? Wow i have a loong road ahead of me..
  12. I have the Galleryy pumps and I just can't walk very fer in them. I am new to heels but I reached a point and just can not get used to the heel I guess. Anyway hope you have fun with the new shoes..
  13. Thanks for the link . I am going to order some shoes this weekend... I think I am going to buy something with a little lower heel. I just can't see myself walking very far in the shoes I have now. I think the hight of the heel is just a little to high.
  14. I am working on that now.. I is just odd that only one foot has enough strength and the other has none.
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