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  1. Nice picture and very beautiful thighhighboots with spurs thanks for sharing
  2. great boots
  3. .

    geweldig bedankt voor het delen van jouw vidéo
  4. nice boots I liked it
  5. indeed thanks Thighbootguy
  6. Heel mooie laarzen je draag ze goed
  7. nice pictures of your shoes
  8. nice story happy new year for everyone
  9. nice boots
  10. preferably in Netherlands or Lille
  11. yes
  12. great boots same boots or my girlfriend
  13. great look and boots thankx for sharing
  14. nice boots an great look
  15. nice boots Aristoc
  16. amazing you look good nice thighhighboots thanks for sharing
  17. nice picture and beautifull thighhighboots
  18. nice outfit thanks for sharing
  19. very nice
  20. very nice and fairly high heels
  21. very nice and fairly high heels
  22. very nice and fairly high heels
  23. nice collection thanks for sharing with us
  24. amazing very beautyfull